Mom's Unique Punishment Part 16

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Synopsis:Dani trys out for a new team.
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When we arrived back home, things fell into the normal summer pace except for one big event. Before I left on vacation, my friend Sandi started getting really interested in cheerleading. The tryouts for the squad were set for late August and she planned to practice a lot over the summer. She begged me to practice with her and to consider going out for the team too. Somehow I relented to her badgering and agreed to practice with her right after vacation.

I called her the day after we got home and she told me she had some videotapes from last year that she took so we could watch those first.

"Come on over tomorrow. We can watch those and then start practicing some of the easier moves. I even found us some pom-poms that we can use. It'll be such fun. I can't wait."

"Me too!" I lied convincingly. I wasn't so sure if this was a good idea and I never said a word to my mom or my brother. I didn't want to give my brother a new reason to start teasing me again.

But just as I agreed I went over to Sandi's house the next day and we started our daily practice sessions. I always knew cheerleading was physical but I never realized just how physical cheerleading really was. Although I wasn't in nearly the physical condition I was a few years ago, I still thought I was in decent shape. Boy was I mistaken! Even doing something relatively simple was so much more difficult than I ever imagined. After watching the video we decided to do a simple cheer with six alternating leg kicks and ending with a jump. The girls on the squad were able to kick their legs so high. Their knees almost reached to eye level during their routine. When Sandi and I first tried this, my leg didn't even reach waist high and the pain from the strain was intense.

"Oh my God. This is so hard. And you're telling me this is one of the easier routines."

"Yeah, I know. That's why I said we would have to practice every day. I tried to tell you in would be hard but we have six full weeks so we should be a lot better by then. I'm going to get a few exercise videos for us too. We need to get a lot more limber if we want to have a prayer of making the squad."

So day after day we practiced. Some days we watched a few videos and other days we concentrated on a few different activities. We worked really hard on our flexibility ever day since that was a crucial part of each routine. Each girl had to be able to do the high leg kicks and a full split. Gradually we made progress. Our kicks were getting higher and looking more natural and relaxed. And much to my surprise I was even getting better at the splits. I still was a good way off the floor but I was doing better and it was hurting less.

Within a few weeks we had learned all of the required team cheers so we now spent most of our time refining our moves and trying to look sexy which wasn't easy either.

It wasn't just learning the steps that were important; you also had to do them with a smile on your face at all times. Then you had to this all while looking cute and sexy at the same time. It was like an athletic stage performance. Some of my ballet training was helpful but that experience didn't help me at all in the sex appeal portion of the program. Even though I was girlish enough for every day life, it was different doing it as part of a routine. And then to make matters even worse I had to really tuck all my extra parts really tight and secure do to all the kicking. I found that to be exceedingly uncomfortable especially in the heat.

Sandi's older sister knew a few of the girls that graduated last year and she was able to borrow their cheerleading uniforms for us. She surprised me with this news in early August.

"Look what I got for us," she said, as she held up a Mount Saint Mary's cheerleader uniform.

"Come on. Let's try them on and see how we look."

Right then and there I was very glad I took the time and care to secure myself. I still haven't had that much experience undressing in front of other girls so I was always a little nervous. That was somewhat lessened now since I did have some budding boobs so I joined Sandi and peeled off my shorts and top. We were both screaming and laughing as we got dressed in our uniforms.

"I think we look really cute, Dani. What do you think?"

"Oh yeah. I think we look like we're ready to tryout for the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleading squad." I laughed and so did Sandi. Since we were dressed we decided we might as well practice in the uniforms to see how they felt when we did the routines. Sandi's sister was home so she watched us for a while and even took some pictures with her digital camera. She was photography major in college. After we finished our practice, she gave me a couple of prints of me doing some jumps.

When I got home later that day I laid the pictures on the table and got something to drink. Before I had a chance to take them upstairs my mom came into the kitchen and saw them on the table.

"Oh, what's this? Pictures?"

"Mom!" I yelled but it was too late. She already had the prints in her hand looking at them.

"Danielle, that's you wearing that cute cheerleader outfit. You look adorable. Is that Sandi, too? So that's what you two have been up to. You've been practicing to be cheerleaders. That's so exciting. I always wanted to be a cheerleader but never tried out for the team. Are you really going to try out?"

"I guess. I'm still not sure if I want to or not. Sandi is the one who wanted to do it. I was just helping her."

"Oh honey. You should try out too. Why waste all that time and energy and it would be so exciting if you make the team. I'd be so proud of my girl. You and Sandi should practice over here a few days so I can see how well you two are doing. You could practice here on the weekend since I'll be home. Call Sandi and invite her over. She can sleep over too if you like."

"Mom, I'm not sure."

"Oh stop being such a party pooper. Invite her over this weekend. Come on, be a sport."

"Oh, okay. I'll call her later and see if she can come over," I said

Sandi was all excited and agreed to come over on Saturday and spend the night.

"It will be good to have someone else besides my sister see us and let us know what they think of our routines. I know we are a lot better than when we started and we almost have our splits done so we have a good chance. Don't you think we do?"

Good chance? That's just what I want to hear. I have a good chance to make the cheerleading squad at an all girl high school. If it weren't so sad, it would be laughable.

"Yes, I think we have a good chance to make it. I mean not too many girls could work harder than we have."

So on Saturday, Sandi showed up with all her stuff, including our uniforms, which I hoped she would have left home. She must have seen the look on my face based on her reaction.

"I figured it would help if your mom could see us in our outfits so don't be mad at me."

"I know. I'm not mad. My mom will be fine. It's my brother I'm worried about. It's just sometimes he can be a bit of a pest if you know what I mean. He likes to tease a bit but it's no big deal. You want to change now and practice a bit before we show my mom?"

Sandi had a really nice body. I mean I've seen her a few times but I never really took notice until we started practicing together. Today when she striped in front of me, she had on the cutest bra and panty set in such a pretty pastel shade of turquoise. I felt like a total dork in my plain white panties and bra.

"Wow. I love your lingerie. That set looks so cute on you. Is it new?" I asked as I admired her bra and panty set.

"Yeah. My mom bought it for me last week. I like it, too. It's hot." She responded as she put her hand on her hip and struck a sexy pose.

"I'll say." I responded and we both started giggling. "I'm sure you will be wearing that set on your next day with Tommy."

"You think?"

I was actually glad when she started putting on her uniform and I quickly followed suit. We both continued laughing and giggling thinking about Tommy's reaction if he ever got to see her in her lingerie. I was worried enough about my reaction, never mind Tommy's. My only wish was that I could look nearly as good as she did. I mean I know I look cute but she looked sexy.

Once we changed we went outside to practice some of our routines. We had to know eight full routines since we could be asked to perform any one of them at the tryouts. We felt good about six of them so today we decided to concentrate on the other two. These two were more strenuous, involving more jumps and the final one ended with a full split. This was still the hardest move for me to complete. I wasn't sure if it was because I wasn't all that limber yet or if it was because as a boy it was harder to perform. Either way, I still had to master it and soon.

Mom came out to watch out about an hour into our practice. She was enthusiastic about our routines.

"You girls look great. I can't believe how well you both are doing. I think you both have a really good chance to make the squad. Danielle, the only suggestion I can make for you is to look more like you're enjoying it. You have all the moves down really well but you need to sex it up a bit, you know, be a little more cutesy. And Sandi your last jump wasn't as high as the others you did but otherwise you girls are looking good."

I knew what mom was telling me about my attitude. I had all the physical moves down pretty well, including the split but I was lacking in the personality aspect. I needed to smile more and be more alluring and charming. These were skills that were not all that natural for me to flaunt but I knew I had to work hard at them if I wanted to make the team.

Mom decided to get her camcorder to take a video of us doing our routines.

"This way you will be able to see what I'm talking about. I know you girls really want to make the team so this should help."

Mom spent about 30 minutes taping us and then we went into the house to view the tape. Once I saw myself I realized how athletic I appeared but totally lacking any feminine wiles.

"You're right mom. I look totally stiff. I have to smile a lot more and look like I'm having fun. I'll never make the team with moves like those."

My mother really worked me hard the next week. Since I had the moves down pretty well, all her actions focused on making me more girlish and charming. She worked on simple things, like how to put my hands on my hips and how to flip my hair out of my eyes. Sounds funny but these are the ways girls enhance their sex appeal and I certainly needed to do that. Mom's efforts started paying off almost immediately and we both noticed the improvement. I felt very silly at first following mom's instructions but it wasn't that long before I really started picking up all the nuances of being a coy, young girl.

"Honey, I think you got it now. I can see such an improvement in just a week. Now not only do you look athletic and in shape, you also look cute and sexy. I can't imagine you not making the team. I can't wait to see you in action at the football games this year for Saint Benedicts Boys Prep. That will be so exciting."

Hearing my mother say that brought me back to reality. Instead of being a star football player for Saint Benedicts, I could very easily be on the sidelines this season cheering for them as a member of an all girl cheerleading squad. Rather than being out on the field wearing a football uniform with pads and a helmet, I would be on the sidelines wearing a skimpy cheerleader uniform and sneakers. Instead of catching the winning touchdown pass; I would be jumping up and down waving pom-poms in front of the home team crowd and cheering for the football hero. As I thought of all these things, I wasn't so sure now if I really wanted to make the cheerleading squad or not. I mean being a cheerleader is the epitome of femininity. I mean just think of all the cheerleaders in high school, college and professional sports. They are all so pretty and cute and now I had a very good chance of joining their ranks and being one of the elite few.

Needless to say both Sandi and I were extremely nervous on the day of the tryouts. I was even more nervous when I noticed there were four or five boys from Saint Benedict's Prep that we there too. We learned that they also had a vote to help determine which girls made the cut. The boys actually seemed pretty nice and even talked to us for a while before the official tryouts started. One boy in particular, Kyle, seemed to be interested in me and we spent a few minutes chatting. He seemed really nice and actually talking to him helped calm me down a bit. Finally, Sandi and I were called front and center to do our routine. Kyle gave me a wink and wished me good luck with my routine.

"Good luck, Dani. I'm counting on you to do well so I can vote for you."

Luckily we got one of the routines that were very comfortable with and we performed flawlessly. We were both really pleased with our routines and waited anxiously for the announcement of the lucky few girls. There were 18 girls who tried out and only 6 spots were open. After we completed our routine I looked over and saw Kyle clapping and cheering for me. That really made me smile and I felt I must have done well. I sure hoped so! However, after the first four spots went to junior girls Sandi and I were quickly losing hope and not feeling all that confidant. But then they called Sandi's name for the fifth spot so there was still hope for me. We were both so excited for her as we anxiously held hands waiting for the last girl to be announced.

"And the last girl to make the squad is Danielle Exner. Sandi and I were so excited we started jumping up and down and screaming like two crazy girls. A few of the other girls came over and congratulated us on making the squad and then the guys all came over too.

Kyle came up to me. "Danielle, congratulations. I'm really glad you made the team. I think it will be so great having you on the sidelines cheering for our team this season."

"Oh thanks Kyle. I can't believe I made it. I never thought this would happen. I'm sure it will be great cheering for all you guys. Yeah, Kyle," I said as I did a little jump and waved my pom-poms in the air in kind of a mock cheer.

"Cute. Good thing the tryouts are over," Kyle said with a big grin.

Mom's Unique Punishment Part 17

We all hung out for a while after the results were announced. Naturally a lot of the girls who didn't' make the team were sad and there were more than a few tears shed. Even Sandi and I cried since we knew how disappointed the girls must have felt. We could have only imagined how badly we would have felt if we didn't make the team.

Kyle and his friends hung around with us for a bit too. I haven't had a lot of experience with boys so I still felt a bit uneasy in these situations but I did my best to remain calm and cool. And having Sandi right there with me was a big help. Before the guys left, Kyle asked me for my phone number. I was so totally off guard that I could not think of an excuse not to give it to him. It felt so strange to be standing there wearing a cheerleader's uniform with such a short pleated skirt with the matching satin panties, pantyhose and my cute white sneakers. It felt even stranger knowing some boy was standing right next to me, waiting for my phone number. So he took out his cell phone and plugged in my number right then and there as I recited the numbers for him.

"Wow. This is the first cheerleader's phone number I ever got. Thanks for making my day."

"And you're the first football star who got my number so I guess we're even." I said with a big smile as I turned and walked away.

As Sandi and I were walking back to my house, she couldn't stop talking about Kyle.

"Oh my God, Dani, he's so totally cute. And he's got some body too. I just love a guy with a good build. You can tell he works out a lot. So, you gonna go out with him?"

"I don't know. He may not even call. You know how guys are."

"He'll call. I saw the way he looked at you. He's hot for you, sweetie."

'Oh yes. I'm sure that's true. I'm sure the entire team is hot for me." I said tentatively with a nervous laugh as I began to think about what my future may hold. Now, not only did I just make the cheerleading squad, I got a boy interested in me as well. I guess I always knew I may have to deal with boys but deep down I never really thought another boy besides Jason would be interested in me that way. I had a hunch I was about to be proven wrong and I wasn't all that sure about how I felt. In a way it was nice to have a guy think I was cute and all, but I wasn't all that excited about dating and the possible consequences of that action.

Mom was waiting for us by the front door with a look of anticipation etched on her face as we entered my house.

"So how did my cheerleading stars do at the tryouts?"

We both tried to look sad and sullen but we couldn't pull it off. We were too excited.

"We made it, Mom. Sandi and I both made the team. Isn't that just great." I was a bit surprised at how excited I really was. I guess I knew it meant a great deal to my mom.

"Oh girls, I'm so proud of you both. I'm glad to see that all your practice and hard work paid off so well. I knew you both would make it. Congratulations, girls."

Mikey's reaction was a bit more muted when we all told him the news. He congratulated me of course and we even hugged but he seemed a bit distant. Although he didn't tease me any more, I was pretty sure having his big brother make the cheerleading team at Mount St. Mary's had to be strange for him. I know he always respected my sports ability in the past so I just don't think he was ready for such a drastic change in direction. I know he always expected me to be a good team player in all sports but I don't think he considered cheerleading a sport. And I couldn't really blame him. None of these events were easy for any of us. And now to make matters ever worse I wondered how he would react if and when Kyle called me at the house. That would really be strange especially since he had no idea about what went on between Jason and me. Thank God!

With school about to begin and with football season right around the corner I was pretty busy. We had cheerleading practice every day except Sunday to make sure we were ready for the season opener. The girls were all nice but it was hard work, really hard work. Mikey may not think I was an athlete but I knew better. Cheerleading was actually more difficult than any other sport I ever played as a boy. In cheerleading like in any other sport, you needed strength, agility and stamina. But a cheerleader needed more than that. To be a really good cheerleader, a girl also had to have some artistic ability, lots of poise, charm and gracefulness, not to mention extreme flexibility. But no boy would ever admit that cheerleading was as hard as playing football or baseball but I knew better. Let me see how many boys can kick their legs as high as a cheerleader or do the splits on a grass field. And then you had to wear this little uniform with such a short skirt in all kinds of weather. It could be twenty degrees out and we were required to perform all our routines in our short pleated skirts. So as you can see, cheerleaders had to be hardy too.

The other big news in my life concerned my father. He was away for most of the past year on assignment overseas. In a way I was glad he was away for the entire year. I was spared the embarrassment of having him see his son so totally emasculated day by day. I could sense his discomfort with me even when we talked on the phone. He couldn't talk to me about sports and I think he hated the fact that I was attending an all girl school. I know he saw me in the very beginning of my punishment but that seemed ages ago. Since then I have spent over an entire year totally immersed in a teenage girl's life. A lot has changed in this past year. I've attended ballet classes, participated in a dance recital, enrolled and attended an all girl high school for an entire school year, gave my cousin a few hand jobs and now I just made the cheerleading squad for Mount St. Mary's. I'm sure any one of these accomplishments (well, maybe not the hand jobs) would make any father really proud of his daughter but I was his son. That certainly put things in a different light. I was glad that I didn't have to see the disappointment in his face with my lifestyle. However, he always seemed to find things to talk to Mikey about so I knew he was embarrassed and ashamed of me. My mother, however, was proud of all the things I accomplished and how well I was doing with both my social and scholastic life. I'm sure my father had different criteria for determining how much pride he would have in his son. I don t know for sure but somehow I don't think being a cheerleader is one of them. I was excited knowing that I would be seeing my dad again but I was also scared and ashamed of what he would think of me.

Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if my brother had suffered the same fate as me. Maybe if Dad saw us both in dresses I wouldn't seem so odd. But for whatever reason, my brother only had to spend a week in dresses while my plight was now well over a year with no end in sight. I guess what mom did to me was enough to scare my brother into better behavior and that was sufficient. Other than his previous teasing of me, his manners improved and his grades were much, much better now. He was even helping more around the house with chores and stuff since we returned from Disney World. Deep down inside I knew that my punishment scared the heck out of him. It scared him enough to change his ways for the better without being constantly dressed as a girl. But even when he dressed as a girl in Florida he never seemed truly feminine. Plus I think he would have put up a big fight if mom tried to force him to dress that way permanently. As for me, Mom never gave me an indication of how long I had to continue in this world of femininity but I knew the longer it went on, the harder the changes would be to reverse. And I knew the biggest obstacle remained my attendance at Mount St. Mary's. All other facets of my life could be explained away except that one. So even if mom decided to end my punishment what could it do? She knew and I knew that transferring to a new school was certainly a possibility but it would still require me attending the new school as a female student, since my transcript would not only reflect it was a girls' school but it would now indicate that I was a member of the all girl cheerleading squad. I saw no way out. Sometimes I thought Mom probably didn't think all this through too carefully either and things just snowballed. Then before you know it, you've gone so far down the road that it's impossible to turn back. I kind of thought I was now past that point of no return. And to make matters worse I passed it wearing a cheerleader's uniform and waving my pom-poms.

The more I thought about it the more I realized I was trapped with very few options. I could stop attending classes and drop out of school but that would totally screw up my future. I mean I knew the value of an education and that I wanted to attend college and be successful. I could withdraw and become a loner but I was always an outgoing person. I enjoyed being with my friends and having fun, even if those friends were now all girls. I could beg my father for help but he was never around much and I'm sure he favored Mikey much more than me now. I knew he just wasn't that comfortable around me anymore. And he was in no position to have me live with him so that road went nowhere. My aunt Alice would be no help either since she was already a willing participant in my feminine transition. Talking to Mom didn't seem to hold much promise either. I mean after all she was the one who placed me in this feminine situation. She was the one who coerced me to enroll in Mount St. Mary's even though she would say it was my free choice. Yeah, sure it was. So what else could I do but to accept my fate and deal with it in as positive way as possible? None of the other choices held much promise. I guess in a way I realized I had no real other choice but to make the best of my situation even if that meant being the best girl I could. And that seems to be exactly what has happened so far.

I knew that if Kyle called and asked me out I would be facing some new dilemmas in my teenage girl role. I mean it was hard enough to be a girl every day and I know I had to be more careful around girls since they were much more observant than boys. But being around a boy presented other challenges that I didn't have with my girlfriends. For sure none of my girlfriends ever tried to feel me up. But maybe he wouldn't call and I was just worrying for no reason. I guess time will tell.

Kyle did call about a week or so later. He apologized that it took him so long but he said football practice was so long and intense that he just collapsed in total exhaustion every day when he got home. I told him that was okay and I understood what it was like to be tired since the cheerleaders were doing the same thing. Kyle called me a few times that week. Fortunately for me neither my mother nor brother was around when he called so I didn't have to explain to whom I was talking. At first Kyle and I talked about football and school things but after a few conversations I could tell he liked me. He said a few things that made me think this. Things like how much he liked my smile, how cute he thought I looked in my cheerleader's uniform. It was kind of obvious that he liked me. I told Sandi she was right about him after cheerleading practice the next day.

"So when are you going out with him?"

"I don't know. He hasn't asked me to go out yet but I am pretty sure he will soon."

"You'll have to tell me everything about your first date too. I can't wait to know how he is. I bet he's a wonderful kisser."

"Oh, stop it. You don't know that. And I may not kiss him anyway; at least not on the first date. Do you kiss on the first date?" I asked.

"Only if I don't have sex with them." Sandi said with a big grin etched on her face.

Seeing the shocked look on my face as she continued talking. "Oh lighten up. I'm only kidding. I don't have sex on the first date but I have kissed some boys on the first date if they're nice and I like them. You have to let them know that you like them so they ask you out again, don't you?"

"I guess. I haven't dated that many boys, you know. Really it's only been Jason so far and I didn't kiss him on the first date. It took a few before we did anything."

"I remember. And Jason is a hunk so you must have will power. I would have been all over him on the first date. And I feel the same way about Kyle, girlfriend. He's a real catch. He's cute, he seems nice and he's a good football player. I bet he can be pretty athletic in bed too. Do you think he's big?"

"Big?" I questioned.

"You know. Big!" She said as she held her two figures about six inches apart.

"Sandi!" I screamed as we both laughed at her little dirty comment, although mine was much more of a nervous giggle. I didn't think Kyle and I would be having much sex.

Kyle didn't make me wait much longer to ask me out. When we talked the next night he asked me out on a date. Even though I expected him to ask for a date, it felt really weird hearing some boy ask me out on a real date. I mean after all, underneath my girlish exterior I was still a boy, at least anatomically. I knew I should just say no and tell Kyle that I'd rather just stay friends with him. But a part of me so wanted to go out with him. I guess in a way going out on a date would validate me further as a girl, and a desirable girl at that. I mean after all a lot of girls would kill to date Kyle. Yet, here he was on the phone asking me, a boy, out. I knew, however that if I went out with him it would be a giant step forward or perhaps a giant step backwards. If I agreed to date Kyle I would be traveling down that road at faster and faster speeds. But if I said no, what would Sandi and my other friends think? It was such a dilemma for me. I didn't know what to do.

Mom's Unique Punishment Part 18

Note...most likely I will not post any updates until the fall.... Look for the final few chapters then. I appreciate all the feedback and interest in my little tale. It made it more fun for me to know how many of you enjoyed my work. Hugs to al! Have a great summer. Sue

As I mentally debated my options I knew I had to make a decision. And even though I was well aware that I was still a boy, I so wanted to go out on a real date and have some dating experiences. Even though I still found some girls attractive I was too afraid to even think about trying to romance another girl. But on the other hand, I couldn't imagine going all through high school without having a chance to date. So, even if it meant dating another boy, it had to be better than being totally alone for my entire high school experience.

"Sure, Kyle. That will be great. I'll check with my mom later just to make sure it's okay with her too." I lied. I figured that would buy me some time and a little wiggle room if I chickened out later. I also knew that I really did want to talk to my mom about the situation and get her input.

After supper that evening, I went up to my mom's room. "Mom, do you have a few minutes to talk?" I asked nervously.

"Sure, honey. What's up?"

"Well, I have some news."

Is it about school? Is everything okay, honey? Don't keep me in suspense. What is it?"

"Everything is okay at school. It's not that. It's about a boy. He's on the Saint Benedict's football team and he was at the cheerleading tryouts a few weeks ago. And he kind of started talking to me, you know and we've been talking on the phone and stuff lately."

"So that's who you've been chatting with on the phone. That's wonderful, honey. I always knew some boy would be interested in you. I just wasn't sure how you would react," Mom said.

"Well yeah, I kind of knew it too, I guess. But this boy, Kyle's his name, asked me out on a date for Saturday night. He asked me to go to the movies and then stop somewhere for something to eat. I wasn't sure what to do but I told him yes anyway. But I said I would have to check with you first. Do you think I should go, mom? I'm really scared."

"I know honey. It's a big step for any girl. I still remember my first boyfriend. And believe you and me I was nervous too. I was almost sick to my stomach that day if my memory serves me well. And I know this is even a bigger step for you in lots of ways due to your unique situation. It really depends on how you feel and what you want to do, so what do you think about it?"

"I'm not sure. I mean I'm nervous and scared. I don't really know what to expect from a boy on a date?" I said as I sat down on her bed.

"I've never been on a date with a girl or a boy. What should I do if he puts his arm around me in the movies? Suppose he tries to kiss me? Should I let him? A lot of my friends at school talk about having sex and stuff already but I certainly can't do any of that. I just don't know, Mom. I just don't know. I mean I'm a boy too and that would be weird."

"Well first of all, you can't worry about everything all at once. And yes, you are still a boy in some small physical ways but if you really think about it, you're more girl than boy. I mean you're in a girls' school and you even made the cheerleading squad so don't sell yourself short. You're a very feminine and pretty young girl."

"Yeah. I guess I am. But mom, I'm still a boy down below."

"Well, yes, that's true. But that's your little secret and it can remain so, honey. I mean we both know that you are more of a girl than ever. I mean just look at yourself. And you know that going out on a date with a boy doesn't mean you're going to reveal your secret to him. So, you just need to make sure you date nice, respectful young men. Is he a nice boy, honey? Does he talk respectfully to you?"

"Yes mom. He is very nice and he's really polite and stuff."

"Well that's always a good sign. Believe me, most boys still take their cues from the girl so if you act ladylike and set the limits, nice boys will always respect that. So you just have to remember that you're in charge of your body and you make the rules. But honey this is your first date so you don't have to worry yourself about any of this. I'm sure your young man will be very nice and respectful. And besides, you may not even like him that much. You never know until you spend some time with him."

"Yeah! You're right but I think I will like him. I mean he seems really nice on the phone. Sandi likes him too."

"Well, that's a good sign too. Sandi seems like a pretty good judge of character.

"So do you think I should go, mom? Should I go out on a date with a boy?"

"Well if it were you, I would go but it's really your decision, honey and I know it's not an easy one for you. But the only way to know for sure how you feel is to give it a try and see what happens. Even if you go and you hate it, it's only one night. But my guess it that you will find out that you will enjoy yourself more than you think."

"Yes, I guess that's true. Or at least I hope so. Okay, that settles it. I'm going to go out with him."

"Oh honey, that's wonderful. I'm so excited. I think I'm going to be more excited and nervous than you are. We'll have to make sure you look your prettiest for your date. What will you wear?"

"I'm not sure. I was thinking jeans but I have so many cute skirts that maybe I'll wear one of those."

"Yes, I'd definitely wear a skirt for my first date if I were you. And we can set your hair that day to give your hair some extra curl and body. Boys appreciate it when girls go to extra trouble to look pretty for them on a date."

"Thanks mom for your help. I'm going to call Sandi now and tell her Kyle asked me out."

Naturally Sandi was all excited when I told her the news. She told me to wear the skimpiest little skirt and top I had so I would drive him wild with desire. She said she just loves to tease guys by being as sexy as possible.

"In fact I have the perfect skirt for you to wear. I just bought it last week but its perfect. I even have a great top too. I'll bring them to school tomorrow."

When she showed me the skirt and top the next day, I had to agree that they were really adorable. I knew they would look so cute on me.

"You don't think the skirt is too short?" I asked her hesitantly.

"Nah. I wore it last week and my panties didn't even show so you'll be fine unless you want them to show." Sandi laughingly replied.

"Sandi! I certainly don't want Kyle seeing my panties, especially on the first date. Remember, I'm the nice girl," I said, knowing that I sure didn't' want Kyle to see my panties or what was hiding in them.

Naturally my Mom loved the outfit when I showed it to her and held the skirt up to my waist.

"Dani, that outfit is simply darling. It's perfect even though it is a bit on the short side but you young girls can get away with that. Plus you have such a cute little figure. I'm sure Kyle will really like it too, unless he's blind."

"Mom!" I pouted as we both laughed at her little joke.

I was pretty nervous when Saturday rolled around. I still didn't say a word to my brother about my date. I was praying that he would not be around when Kyle picked me up. I just didn't want him to know since I still felt a little embarrassed about dating a boy. Even though Mikey had seen me in many feminine situations, somehow going out on a date was by far the most feminine thing I've ever done. Even I had to admit it was taking my masquerade to a whole new level.

We had cheerleading practice that morning so I rushed right home as soon as it ended so I would have ample time to get ready for my date. Later that afternoon, Mom helped set my hair in hot rollers so my hair would have some curl to it. After she finished, I decided to take a nice hot bath to help me relax. As I soaked I carefully shaved my legs since I hated to see any stubble on my knees and shins. The sight of that just grossed me out. Taking a bubble bath and shaving my legs always made me feel extremely feminine. There was just something about it that had an effect on me. Taking my legs out of the water and lathering them with shaving cream always struck me as so girly. As the razor glided slowly and carefully up my lathered legs, it removed every last vestige of hair and stubble leaving my legs silky smooth. As I finished shaving my other leg, I couldn't help but think that in an hour or so Kyle would be sitting next to me. I knew he would see a lot of my smooth, cleanly shaven legs since I would be wearing such a short skirt. Even my toenails looked pretty since I did a French pedicure last night on them. I wondered what Kyle would think of them.

"Honey, you better hurry up. It's getting late. I thought you said Kyle was picking you up at 7 pm?"

"Yes, he is."

The next voice I heard was my brothers as he shouted from his bedroom. "Who's Kyle?"

Oh shit! Now he'll know about my date. This is just what I need. Oh well, not much I could do about it now, I thought as I wrapped a towel around my torso.

"Who's Kyle?" I again heard my brother asking from his room.

"Your sister has a date tonight with a boy from Saint Benedict's Prep," Mom answered. I couldn't believe my ears. How could she be so stupid and tell him I had a date? Why did she have to ask me what time he was picking me up? Now I have to deal with my stupid brother.

With that comment, Mikey opened his bedroom door at exactly the same time as I opened the door to the bathroom. Looking at me, he asked the obvious question.

"Tell me mom is kidding. Please tell me you don't really have a date with a guy tonight. You've got to be kidding me. How can you go out on a date with a guy? Isn't that being a bit unfair?" he said incredulously.

"No I'm not kidding you and yes I have a date with a guy tonight. It's not such a big deal. If you must know, we're just friends. Besides, I don't need your approval if I want to go out on a date. Now if you'll excuse me I have to get ready for my date," I said in a huffy manner as I walked into my room, closing the door behind me.

I could hear my brother still mumbling to my mother as I sat down at my vanity. Absentmindedly, I opened a jar of aloe skin lotion and began to liberally lotion my cleanly shaven legs as I wondered if he was right. How could I be going out on a date with a guy? Was I really being unfair to Kyle? I guess I was in many ways but after all he was the one who asked me out. I didn't flirt with him or anything. I just said yes, that was all. But shouldn't I really be dating girls and not boys? I knew it wasn't normal for me to date a boy but dressing the way I was made it even harder to date a girl. And how would I even approach a girl to ask her out. Besides not too many girls would want to have a boyfriend who is as pretty as they are. And I couldn't imagine any girl wanting to date a boy who is a cheerleader on an all girl squad. But I also knew there was no turning back from my date with Kyle. It was now a little past six and Kyle would be here in less than an hour so I was going out on a date. It was simple as that. I dropped my towel and applied lotion to the rest of my body. My skin glistened as my body absorbed the fragrant lotion. After I finished with my lotion application, I grabbed my robe from the back of my door and wrapped it around me. As I sat back down at my vanity and looked at my reflection in the mirror, I saw Danielle. Even with my hair in rollers and without any makeup on my face, I still looked like any other teenage girl. Even I had to admit that I was pretty in a very natural way. Makeup only enhanced my natural beauty.

Knowing it was getting late I started to do my makeup. Even though I didn't' wear makeup every day, I wore it often enough that I was fairly skilled in its application. I always started my beauty routine with some vitamin e lotion. I next dabbed a bit of foundation in little dots around my face, gently blending it in with a cosmetic sponge to give my face a nice smooth base. I had a nice complexion so I didn't often wear foundation but tonight was special. After I was satisfied with my foundation coverage, I moved to my eyes. Usually I just wore a little mascara but tonight was different. I wanted my eyes to look more glamorous and exotic. I applied some eyeliner to both my upper lid and right below my lower lash. It was a very pretty blue shade, kind of in between a baby blue and a darker shade. It really accented my pretty blue eyes. I next applied my eye shadow in stages. I first put on a slightly darker shade in my eye crease and then applied some lighter tones both above and below the crease, giving my eyes some drama and depth. I finished them off with three coats of black mascara being careful not to get any clumps. As I sat there at my vanity, I applied a little subtle pink blush to my cheekbones and some lip-gloss to my lips and then finished and set my entire look with an application of face powder.

Satisfied with my look, I decided to dress first and then worry about styling my hair. I decided a few days ago that I wanted to be very secure down below so I planned to wear a very tight spandex pair of thong panties. Over those, I selected a pair of very pretty pale beige panties that complemented my bra. After donning my panties I removed my robe to slip on my matching beige and very pale pink bra. I grabbed my skirt and gingerly stepped into it, pulling it up into place before slipping on the borrowed top as well. I had my shoes laid out by the bed but decided to do my hair first.

I was just getting ready to start on my hair when mom knocked on the door.

"Can I come in?"

"Sure. I just finished dressing." As the door opened I stood up and turned towards her and asked her how I looked.

"So what do you think? Do you like it? Is the skirt too short, mom?"

"You look absolutely perfect. That outfit is so sweet. I just love it. It's short but it will be fine. Just be careful, that's all. Let's get those curlers out so you can do your hair. It's getting late. Kyle should be here in a few minutes. Are you nervous?"

I sat down and one by one carefully removed the rollers.

"Yes, a little but not as much as I thought, at least so far," I said as I admired all the curl my hair now had. Those steam type rollers are great. They give you so much body in such a short time. After I had them all removed, I leaned over and really shook out my hair and gave it a gentle brushing before starting to style it. My hair had really grown a lot since last summer and it had such a nice texture. As I combed out my hair, I asked Mom if Mikey said anything about me.

"Oh honey, you know how brothers are. They never think their sisters are pretty. I remember when I was your age your uncle Jack never thought any boy would be crazy enough to date me. Brothers never think their sisters are cute enough for some boy to want to date them. So I think its natural for your brother to be a bit surprised by all this. That's all."

"I hope so," I said as I continued to fuss with my hair. After a few minutes of using a hot iron and my dryer, my hair started to take some shape allowing me to comb it out and style it. I finally gave it a little holding spray and then stepped into my open toed wedgies and turned to examine myself in my full-length mirror.

Mom gave me her final stamp of approval and a big hug.

"Honey, you look precious. That Kyle is a lucky boy."

"Thanks mom," I said as she left. I hoped she was right.

As I looked at my reflection I thought the skirt and top looked really good. Mom was right. The skirt was so pretty. It was a very short, ruffled skirt in beige and pink; it was in a very muted color scheme. The skirt had tiny beige flowers sewn into the ruffles, giving it a lot of texture while still being extremely feminine and cute. The beige top was sleeveless with lacy, spaghetti straps. It was a little on the low cute side, just a hint of cleavage showed which helped me feel a bit more girlish and confident. This was definitely the most feminine outfit I ever wore. I know I looked totally feminine from the waist up and I was very comfortable with my perky breasts. My legs looked so soft, smooth and silky. The picture of femininity was completed by my nice pedicure. I looked cute and sexy but still polished and classy. I stood there for a few minutes checking myself from all angles and then gave my makeup a final check. I reapplied some lip-gloss and sprayed myself amply with my favorite perfume. Finally I checked my purse, making sure I had some money, my lipstick and perfume and mom's cell phone that she leant me for the evening. She promised me of my own on my 16th birthday. I hated that I still didn't have one since all my friends did.

I heard the doorbell ring and I could feel my stomach drop. Oh my God, Kyle is here. I'm really going out on a date with a boy. I must be crazy doing this. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I realized I forgot my earrings so I grabbed a long dangly pair and slipped them through the hole in my earlobe and then slipped on a few bangle bracelets, just as mom called to let me know that Kyle arrived. It was now or never.

Mom's unique punishment part 19

Writers note...we're coming to the end of the story. I would be interested to know how you would like it to end since it's still a work in progress...Thanks. Sue

The Date Begins

"Danielle, Kyle is here," my mother shouted up from down stairs.

Her voice sounded so calm and yet I was totally nervous and scared. Oh my God. Kyle is really here to take me out on a date. He's standing downstairs now talking to my mother waiting for me. What have I gotten myself into? It was only a little over a year ago that I first walked down the stairs to face my father, the first man in my life, with me dressed as a girl. Now tonight I would soon be walking down those same stairs to come face to face with another enormous challenge, my first date with a boy. I remember how stupid I felt last year when my father first saw me dressed as a girl. A year ago I was a scared, unconfident child dressed in an almost puritanical little girl dress, all sugar and spice, complete with those white pantyhose and those stupid shoes Mom made me wear. What a sight I must have been.

A lot sure has happened this past year. And I knew the next year would be full of changes and surprises as well. Tonight as I gazed at myself in the mirror very little of that young, self-conscious little girl remained. Tonight I looked older, more mature, and more confident. I still looked my age but not in a childish way. Tonight I looked much cuter and I think even more desirable. Yet underneath the surface I was still in so many ways that same little girl. I was still a bit unsure of myself. I still felt uneasy in my role. It was a very scary feeling to be going out alone on my first date with a boy. Going out on a date was scary enough under normal circumstances but my dilemma was very unique. I mean boys are supposed to date girls, not other boys. Why did I ever agree to go out with Kyle? I must be crazy.

I took a deep breath, prayed a silent little prayer before I grabbed my bag and walked out of my room. As I left the safety of my room I felt more than a little bit apprehensive. I was so nervous. As I stood at the top of the stairs, I giggled nervously as I thought about my future. The one thing I knew for sure was that my future would be very different than most boys my age. That thought really cracked me up. I mean, how many teenage boys would be wearing a cute outfit like mine for their first real date? Not too many that's for sure. Not too many boys would be going out on their first date with polished toenails and a pretty manicure either. Most boys would not have been concerned about what bra and panty set to wear under their clothes. Most boys would not be wearing makeup or a sweet, aromatic perfume either. And I knew for sure that most teenage boys would not be calling their first date, Kyle either. There was no denying that. My date was completely unique for a boy.

I could feel my heart pounding as I took that first step heading downstairs to face Kyle. It felt as if my heart would simply leap out of my chest. I was so nervous that I actually felt a bit nauseous I could hear Kyle talking to my mom and brother. Oh shit, now I have to deal with my brother too, I thought. It was bad enough that Mom was there but now my brother was there too. I kind of hoped he would be somewhere else, somewhere far, far away. Well, there was nothing I could do about it now so I continued my slow descent down the stairs.

As I walked down the next few stairs I could see Kyle's legs and feet. He was wearing a nice pair of khaki pants and loafers. I smiled as I thought how much easier most guys have it dressing for a date than a girl. He just had to throw on a few things, comb his hair and he was ready. Well, I knew I was a rare exception to that rule with my cute little mini skirt and my sexy little top. I just spent hours getting dressed, shaving my legs and underarms, applying my makeup and fixing my hair. I hoped it was all worth it. As I took the next few stairs I could see Kyle as he turned his head towards the stairs and our eyes met very briefly. I was still watching my step since I didn't wear heels that often and I didn't want to trip. That would have been an entrance to remember for sure. I could sense Kyle giving me the once over very subtly since my mom was so close by. I also knew Mikey was watching my every move with equal intensity as I made my way gingerly down the stairs.

"Oh, there you are, sweetie. My don't you look pretty," Mom said as I cringed a little at her obvious compliment. I hated it when she called me those little pet names and it was a bit embarrassing to be told how pretty I look in front of my brother and my date but all I could do was smile.

"Hi Dani. I agree. You look great," Kyle said sweetly, making me like him more already. It was so funny. When mom told me I looked pretty I felt awkward and silly but when Kyle agreed I felt like all my preparations were well worth the time and effort. I practically felt giddy. But I could also feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. I knew I had to be blushing bright red.

"Oh, thanks, Kyle," I answered coyly. I looked over at my brother and he just gave me a dumb little smirk. I was so relieved since I was expecting him to say something negative. Even though we were getting along much better I still felt very apprehensive with him right there in the midst of Mom, Kyle and me, especially since he knew Kyle was taking me out on a real date.

"You all set?" Kyle asked me.

"Oh sure. I'm ready," I lied. Despite my nervousness about going out on a date, I was more nervous standing there in my cute little outfit, never knowing exactly what my mother or brother might say next. Being alone with Kyle had to be better than standing here any longer. Or at least I hoped it was.

"Dani, don't forget. I expect you to be home before midnight. You kids have fun and promise to be careful. Kyle, no speeding, right, young man?"

"Mom! Please! I know when to be home," I said embarrassed. I felt childish enough about having a curfew without her bringing it up. And then to make matters worse she had to chastise Kyle about his driving. My God, he'll think I'm a total baby.

"Yes, Mrs. Exner. I'm a good driver and I promise to take very good care of Danielle. And the movie is over early so we'll be sure to be home before midnight."

"Bye Mom," I said as she kissed me lightly on the cheek.

"Bye Mikey."

"Bye Sis. Have fun on your date," he said with a big grin as we walked out the front door.

And with that we were off. I could still feel my heart racing as we navigated our way down my walkway to his waiting car. Not only was this my first real date with a boy, it was my first grown up date where I didn't have to have an adult drive me. Tonight for the first time ever, I would be totally on my own with a boy who thought I was all girl. I was pleasantly surprised when Kyle opened the car door for me. I knew my mom and brother were probably watching so that was another plus for Kyle. I carefully sat down on the car seat and swung my legs into the car very demurely and ladylike. And believe me, that is a lot harder to do than it looks. I never realized what a challenge that was while wearing a really short skirt, especially with my relative lack of experience in such matters. Kyle was probably hoping to catch a glimpse of my panties anyway. You know how boys are.

Mom's Unique Punishment Part 20

I wish I could tell you about our conversation that night as we drove to the theater but I can't. I don't remember one thing we talked about on the entire ride. I probably made a complete fool of myself but I honestly don't remember one word. I was just so nervous sitting there in a car next to Kyle. I was half expecting him to just turn the car around and drop me back home thinking I was a total loser. Thankfully, he didn't do that. By the time we parked the car I finally felt like I could breathe again. Kyle jumped out of the car and ran to my side to open the door for me, which for some reason made me giggle. I wasn't used to having boys cater to me like that but once again I managed to exit the car somewhat ladylike. I smiled at the apparent ease with which I exited the car in my skirt and heels. Kyle saw me smile and evidently thought I was making fun of him.

"I know. I'm a nerd, right," Kyle said with a grin. "I just think a guy should open the door for his girlfriend, especially on the first date and especially for such a pretty little thing like you."

I'm sure I blushed a bright red at his very sweet comment. And it felt strange to be referred to as his girlfriend but I guess I was or at least it was a strong possibility. "No, I think it's really sweet that you did that. It's really nice, Kyle. Thank you."

After we bought our tickets and got some popcorn I felt like I really had to go the bathroom. Whenever I get nervous it makes me need to pee. And for some reason I was very nervous tonight. So as soon as we had our seats, I excused myself and found my way to the ladies room. This break gave me a chance to take a few deep breaths and finally compose myself. After I exited the stall, I washed my hands and fixed my lipstick before heading back to rejoin Kyle. Although it felt strange to be standing there re-applying my lipstick, the ritual seemed to relax me even more. So, by the time I rejoined Kyle I felt totally at ease.

The movie was cute, a romantic comedy of sorts. Much to my surprise I found myself getting really engrossed in the movie. I was so engrossed that I was almost unaware as Kyle slipped his arm around me. As I nestled myself in his strong chest muscle, I even managed to turn towards him, look him in his eyes and give him a big smile to indicate my approval. Kyle immediately noticed my reaction and gave me a little nudge, pulling me in a bit closer to him. This is how we watched the remainder of the movie. It felt very strange sitting there in such a short little skirt with Kyle sitting so near. Well, strange probably isn't the right word, I felt very safe and secure with his arm around me which scared me a bit. I mean should I really be feeling this way? And when I actually caught Kyle looking at my legs a few times during the movie, it only served to intensify these feelings. Sandi was right. The skirt was a definite winner. I just hoped it wasn't catching too much of his interest. I was quickly learning that it's a very fine line girls have to walk.

It's funny how different a girl feels on a date. I've seen Kyle a number of times since we first met and we talked for hours on the phone over the past few weeks but tonight I felt like we just met for the first time. I wasn't sure why either. Maybe it was because he was such a gentleman; complimenting me, and opening car doors for me. Maybe it was because of the way I was dressed tonight. I know he liked my outfit. And I did catch him looking at my legs quite often during the movie. But I had to admit I kind of liked that too, even though I felt very shy for most of the night. I wasn't sure if this was normal or if my feelings were due to my secret. I couldn't tell if Kyle sensed this or if he had any of the same feelings but I didn't think so. He seemed more himself and he wasn't acting quite as shy as me.

After the movie we stopped off for a hamburger and then it was time to take me home. I breathed a sigh of relief when he pulled his car in front of my house. I did it! I actually survived my first date with a boy. I didn't make a fool of myself, at least not a major one. I was so relieved and pleased and then it dawned on me that he would probably kiss me goodnight. Not wanting to sit there too long I turned to thank him for a wonderful evening.

"I had a great time too, Dani. I'll call you tomorrow. Okay?"

"Oh sure. That will be..." Before I could finish my sentence he leaned over and pulled me close, kissing me fully on the lips. Without thinking I just let him kiss me, opening my mouth slightly to accept his eager tongue. In a way I was relieved and pleased that he took charge of the situation. I don't think I would have enjoyed the kiss as much if I knew it was coming. If I knew I would have had to deal with all those boy thoughts but this way I just reacted; and yes I reacted like any other teenage girl. As we kissed I felt his hand rest briefly on my thigh. It was a nice feeling. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion. I could feel his lips pressing against mine. I like the thought of his strong hand very lightly resting on my soft, smooth thigh as some romantic song played on his car stereo. Although Jason had kissed me many times this kiss was so different in so many ways. Kyle only knew me as Danielle. Kyle found me totally attractive as a girl. Kyle wanted to kiss me and he wanted to see me again. I was so enjoying the moment but I knew it was getting late and I had to go.

"Kyle, it's nearly midnight and I don't want my mom looking out to see if we're here." I said. "I sure don't want her to see us kissing like this. She's kind of strict with me."

"Yeah, I bet she is. Mom's are like that with their daughters I guess. But it's no problem. I don't want to get you into trouble by being late from our first date. Especially since I want to have more dates with you."

Kyle got out of the car. Naturally he rushed over to my side and opened my door before he walked me to the front door. After I slipped the key in the lock and opened the door, Kyle took me into his arms, drew me close and kissed me one last time. The kiss was long and passionate but I enjoyed every second of it. I enjoyed feeling his lips pressing against mine as his arms held me close to his chest. After our embrace, he released me from his strong arms. I felt like I was floating on air.

"Kyle thanks for everything. I had a really nice time tonight. It was great," I said as I kissed him lightly on the lips before closing the door behind me. My first date as a girl was over. I survived. I had fun. And Kyle kissed me more than once and said he wants to see me again. Wow!

I was startled out of my daydream by my mother's voice.

"So how was your date, honey? Kyle seems like a nice young man, very well mannered and polite."

"Oh yes mom. He is. He was so cute. He actually opened the car door for me all night long. He was so nice, which was good because I was so nervous in the beginning. Thank goodness I finally started calming down by the time we reached the theater. The movie was good too. Then we went out for a bite to eat at a little place in the mall. It was a nice night."

"And was he a good kisser?" Mom laughed with a little twinkle in her eye.

I wondered if she saw us in the doorway but that comment left little doubt that she did indeed see our goodnight kiss. "Mom! Were you spying on me? That's so mean."

"No. Honestly, I wasn't spying on you. I was just sitting here reading waiting for you to come home but when you came in you had the door wide open so I couldn't help but notice. So, see, I wasn't spying on you. I would not do that to you. I trust you. But since I couldn't help by notice, you can now tell me all about your kiss."

Oh my God. I can't believe my mom just saw us kissing. How could I be so stupid? "Oh Mom, it's too embarrassing. I'm not going to talk to you about that. Its way too personal, mom."

"Sure you can. Believe me, I went through the same things when I was your age. I know how exciting that first kiss is. I can still remember my first kiss. It was with Jimmy Weston and he kissed me in Echo Park sitting on a bench by the lake. He was my first boyfriend. I remember almost floating home that night thinking about it. Wow. Some boy likes me enough to kiss me. It was a very special moment."

"Yeah but did you tell grandma all about that boy kissing you? I bet you didn't say a word to her about that kiss." I could tell by her reaction that I was right but I figured I might as well tell her a bit since she already knew.

"But since you already saw us, I guess I can tell you a little. Well, when we got back to the house, Kyle parked the car. That's when he kissed me for the first time. I was just sitting there getting ready to tell him I had a nice time and he just leaned over and kissed me. I know I should have expected him to do that, but I was totally surprised when he actually did. I wasn't sure if he had a good time tonight or if he really liked me that much. But when he kissed me I figured he must like me so I kind of kissed him back. I thought it would feel really weird but it didn't. It was such a nice kiss. I don't know. I'm just all mixed up. All this girl stuff has me totally confused about everything. I mean here I am talking to my mom about kissing some boy. Even you have to admit that's weird, mom. I'm a boy impersonating a girl and here I am kissing another boy. And mom, please don't say anything about this in front of Mikey. I don't want him to know that Kyle kissed me. Please Mom. You have to promise me that you won't say a word in front of him."

"Don't worry honey. That will be our little secret. I know things are hard for you right now, Danielle, but give it some time and it will all sort itself out. Some things just take time to figure out and this is one of them. Feelings and emotions are a very big part of maturing and you're at the very beginning of that process. In time your true feelings will make themselves very clear about Kyle and boys in general. You have a lot to learn and a lot of growing up to do in the next few years but you really did take a giant step tonight. A first date and a first kiss are very big steps for any teenager, but they're even more special for a girl, especially a pretty girl like you. So don't worry about it. And I know enough about boys to know Kyle is a good one. I can tell right away."

"Thanks Mom. I think he's a nice guy too. Mom, I'm really beat so if you don't mind I'm going to go up to bed now. I'm exhausted." I said as I realized how drained I really was. I imagine any first date is exhausting all by itself but going of a first date impersonating a girl is a lot more challenging. Trust me. I know.

"Good night honey. And Danielle?"

"Yes mom."

Just remember, you're not actually impersonating a girl. All the feelings and emotions you experienced tonight were the same, as any other young girl would experience. You were as real as any other girl, sweetie. Pleasant dreams." With that she gave me a warm hug and a very soft kiss on the cheek. "I love you, honey."

"I love you too, mom." I said emotionally as I turned and walked towards my bedroom.

Alone in my room I sat down on my bed. Exhausted from the entire evening, I found myself sitting there with tears running down my cheek. I couldn't even explain exactly why I was crying but it felt so good to release all those pent up emotions raging through my body and mind. I wasn't sure if I was crying from nerves or fear or some other emotion. I was just so confused by all my mixed feelings. However, within a few minutes the feelings passed and I stopped crying. I got up and changed out of my pretty outfit. After I removed my skirt, top and bra, I stepped out of my panties. I momentarily cringed as I saw my very small organ hanging limply. Quickly I slipped on an old oversized tee shirt. I went into the bathroom, washed my face to remove the remnants of makeup and then applied my nightly ritual of beauty creams and lotions to my face and body. I felt good about most of my looks by now as long as that one appendage was hidden from sight. My skin was flawless and my creams made all my skin silky and soft. My hair was much thicker now and the highlights and hair products I was using gave it a brilliant sheen with just a bit of natural curl to it. My legs were long and lean from both cheerleading and my dance regiment. I was toned but not muscular in a boyish way. Even standing there in my oversized tee shirt with no makeup on and my hair pulled back, I looked cute.

Later, as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, I felt so confused by everything. However, the one thing I was sure about was that I knew deep down inside I enjoyed being with Kyle. I liked it when he had his arm around me in the movies. I felt so safe and secure in his grasp. And when he kissed me I felt so nice. I just wanted to stay here held closely in his embrace with our lips pressing together. It was a wonderful feeling and I knew I would be going out with Kyle again as soon as he asked me. I fell asleep hugging my teddy bear while dreaming about Kyle.