The Device
by: Lacey 
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Synopsis:David Sumner is a lab assistant at Boston University. He is chosen by his professor to help finish the latest device the professor has been working on. It turns out that someone else is interested in the professor's work, and David gets caught in the middle.
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The Device

By Lacey

The Laboratory

"So how exactly does this work Professor Wilkins?" I asked as I walked through the high tech lab with the aged professor.

My name is David Sumner had been a student aid to Professor Wilkins for two years at the Boston University, this was the first time he'd been invited to view his most secret invention. The professor typed a code into the keypad by the large metal door and it slid open with a hiss.

"The principle is quite simple David. The brain is like an organic computer; my system simply gathers that information and sends it on a carrier wave to another host brain, imprinting that consciousness upon the other brain." The doctor scribbled on his clipboard as we walked in the lab.

"So it transfers someone's brain to another body? That is wild stuff Professor."

I followed him into the room and saw the device in the middle of the room. It looked like a very high tech hair drying unit to be honest. There were wires and lights everywhere and it was attached to several computers that surrounded it.

"What happens to the brain of the other person, the original brain?"

I walked over to the machine as the professor began flipping switches and typed in his computer pass code.

"That is the issue I have right now David, I have tried the transfer on mice and it appears that the host who receives the brainwave transmission is essentially overwritten. Also, the brain of the original host is, for lack of a better word, fried." The professor adjusted his glasses as he spoke.

"That sounds like a major glitch professor!" I kept checking out the lab and walked over to the professor's work station.

"That is hopefully something we can find a remedy for my boy." The professor looked up at me with his kindly old face and then kept typing on the keyboard.

I worked with the professor for several more weeks and got to know the working of his device pretty well.

I found it interesting that the signal could hypothetically be sent over long distances. The problem was, this would destabilize the signal and make the final destination of the signal hard to control or, it may just disperse the signal all together.

The professor and I agreed that people would probably not like the idea of being transmitted into another body randomly, or being neurally disintegrated!

The Call

It was quite late on a Sunday evening and I was eating cold pizza and watching an old monster movie with my roommate Chuck when my phone rang. I picked it up and the professor was on the other end, sounding quite desperate!

"David, I need you to get to the lab right away and set the encryption program on the main computer," he said nervously and obviously upset.

"You want me to go now Professor? It's after 2am." I kept eating my pizza.

"Yes right now David!" The professor sounded so upset now but was still trying to talk in a whisper. "I can't explain right now but it is very important you do this for me immediately David." With that he hung up.

"Professor?" I spoke into the phone but there was just a dial tone. "Well that was odd," I said out loud as I tossed my pizza down on the coffee table and picked up my car keys.

"Is the nutty professor making you do a house call?" Chuck snickered. Chuck was a football player and the classic jock stereotype. We had been friends since second grade so we were close despite our obvious differences.

"Yes and I guess I'd better do as he says." I pulled on my coat and walked out the door.

"Pick up some corn chips on the way home!" Chucked yelled as I walked out the door.

The Mystery Man

The city was very quiet and my drive to the university was uneventful. I pulled up to the lab building and got out of the car. Walking towards the building I could see that the lights were on in the lab. Maybe the professor had made it in after all.

I typed my security code into the keypad by the front door and walked in. As I approached the main lab I noticed the security door was propped open. The professor would never do this; he insisted the lab was secured at all times.

This should have been my warning signal to proceed with caution; I unfortunately did not heed it.

I walked in and said, "Hello, professor? Is anyone home?" I noticed that the device was turned on and powered up fully. I also thought I smelled smoke. It was just then that I felt something poke into my back.

"You must be David Sumner the lab assistant," the man's voice behind me said in a deep creepy tone. "Don't make any sudden moves or I'll have to shoot you son."

He pushed his gun into my back and directed me to the only chair in the room, the one on the device. I sat down and he clamped me in. The ankle and wrist clamps were created to keep the subject from flailing about during the transfer and damaging the equipment.

They now served as restraints and made me a hostage.

The Conversation

Now that I was firmly clamped into the chair on the device, the man who had detained me walked around stood in front of me. He had on a black suit and tie and looked like an agent from the movie "Men in Black". He had an expressionless look on his middle aged face as he began to ask me questions.

"How much has the professor told you about this device David?" The man looked at me as he lit a cigarette and ran his hand over his bald spot.

"I know it's a brain transfer device, and I know the basic operating principles." I told him the truth since at this point I was scared as hell.

"I represent an organization that believes that technology that is as powerful as this, should not fall into the wrong hands. Do you see the potential evil that could be done with this machine David?" He exhaled smoke from his nose and looked quite demonic.

"Yes, I guess so," I said in an unconvincing tone. I had no idea who this guy was but he seemed pretty scary. "Where is the professor?" I said with a jittery voice.

"I'm afraid we had to make him, disappear", the man exhaled smoke again. "I'm afraid we'll have to do the same to you also David." He looked me in the eye and seemed ice cold.

I was speechless for a few moments, this man was definitely serious. I watched him poke at the computer; he seemed to completely ignore me.

Finally I managed to get my heart out of my throat and I spoke. "Are you going to shoot me?" I managed to croak.

"Shooting you would be quite messy, and I'm not in the mood for a clean up job this evening. I've had to do that once already tonight." He was probably making reference to the professor I gathered.

"From what I have read in the brief, if I send your brain on a long distance trip using this machine, your mind should simply cease to exist altogether, is that correct?" the man typed on the keyboard as he spoke.

"Theoretically that is true" I said nervously knowing that that statement may only be partially true. As he walked over and lowered the transfer helmet onto my head it covered my eyes and I could no longer see the mystery man.

"Goodbye David," I heard the man say as the typing on the keyboard continued.

I felt a thousand tiny shocks in my brain, and then everything went black.

Wake Up Call

I woke up feeling groggy and with a bit of a headache. Everything was dark and I could tell there was a heavy blanket over my head. I remembered what happened at the lab but had no idea how I was still alive or what had happened after the man flipped the switch.

"Maybe he was just trying to scare me?" I thought as I pulled the blanket from over my head. My eyes squinted as the sunlight streamed in the window at me.

As my vision cleared I noticed my arm. It seemed much smaller, hairless and paler. I dropped the sheet and looked at my hands, they were small and feminine, and my fingernails were painted black!

I felt a sinking feeling in my gut and pulled up the blanket to look at my body. Looking down at myself I saw a pair of cute little tits, a petite naked female body with a shaved pussy. I parted my legs, my god this felt weird! I noticed a strand of hair fall in front of my face, it was pink!

"Oh shit!" I said as I dropped the sheet, but stopped talking abruptly when I heard my voice. It was a very high feminine voice. My mind was racing; I had no idea what to do!

I pulled the sheets tight around me as my sanity began to settle in again. Apparently the transition ray from the device was more stabilized than we had predicted, I reasoned. So, instead of breaking my brainwaves apart and scattering them, it must have randomly deposited me in this body.

"Hey, ahem, Hello? What's up? Ahem." I tried my new voice; it felt so odd hearing a sexy and very timid sounding female voice when I spoke.

I cautiously slipped out from under the sheets, very aware of my new, and very nude, body. I walked towards the far shadowed corner of the room where I could see a mirror. I was in complete awe when as I stared at my reflection.

I felt my breasts and watched the awed expression on my cute new face. Cute! Damn this was unnerving!

My hand slowly slid down my smooth tummy to the small slit between my legs. I felt one of my tiny fingers slide inside just slightly. A shiver ran up my spine, I had a finger in MY pussy! God this was weird!

Panic set in and I began to hyperventilate slightly.

The Next Steps

I stood in front of the mirror for what seemed like hours looking, but then some logical part of my brain kicked in. What was I to do now?

I was certain that the authorities would not believe my story. The technology the professor was working on was so advanced I had a hard time believing it sometimes.

I had to get back home and convince someone who knew me well, of what had happened. I glanced at the mirror again and stared at the sexy feminine body I know occupied, and then I gulped and said aloud "Chuck, I hope you'll believe me." God my voice was so elfin!

My next order of business was to find some clothing and find out where I was. I had no idea what city or state I might be in at all.

I noticed a few skimpy women's garments on the floor by the bed that I assumed belonged to this body. I walked towards the large wall closet and slid the doors open in hopes of finding something that covered a bit better than what I saw tossed by the bed.

As I pulled the closet open I was shocked to find it full of men's clothing! I pulled down a shirt and held it up to me, it seemed like it was made for a giant! Then at that moment two things sunk into my brain.

The first, maybe these clothes weren't made for a large man, maybe I was just very very diminutive in stature now! This made me feel seriously vulnerable.

The second thing that came to mind was the fact that this girl was just probably just visiting here. She had probably been visiting this man! And that man could still be here!

I dropped the shirt and scrambled over to the clothes on the floor in a panic.

Getting Dressed

I hurriedly picked up the clothing on the floor and began to get dressed. I definitely didn't want o be here if some guy came home, or if he was home now!

I pulled on the clothes piece by piece. First were a very tiny pink thong and then a minuscule pair of sequin shorts. This girl must have been out clubbing last night because her outfit left little to the imagination.

I then pulled a white tank top over my head that had "baby doll" written on the front on glittery pink text. I could not believe I was actually going to make an excursion in public like this. My one comfort was that in this body, at least this style of dress wasn't "that" out of place, I guessed.

I finished off my outfit with two white knee high stockings and a small pair of black patent shoes. I once again looked in the mirror. I got butterflies on my stomach and prepared to enter the outside world looking like most men's kinky fantasy.

Venturing Out

Before I steadied myself to leave the apartment I looked around the room for one final item. Sure enough on the dresser beside the bed was a small pink purse, this girl apparently adored pink!

I opened the purse and looked inside. There was a drivers license for a Lacey Cassidy and it had a picture of the cute little pink haired head that I now lived under. The address said she lived at 201 Park Lane, apartment #412. I also took note that I was in California, which was quite a distance from Boston where I had started!

"Lacey Cassidy huh?" I said in the girly tone I still wasn't used to. I walked back over to the mirror and said, "Well Lacey let's go out there and see if I can get home!" I spoke hoping that I might gradually get used to being a soprano, but I still wasn't settled with this new voice.

I grabbed the purse and pulled out the set of car keys that were inside. The keys had a Volkswagen tag on them so I crossed my fingers that I could find Lacey's car out front as I walked out the door. It "clicked" locked behind me; there was no turning back now.

I adjusted my sequin shorts, feeling my ass cheeks almost hanging out of them, and felt utterly naked as I walked down the hall to the sunny street outside.

The Drive

As I walked onto the street I saw a pink Volkswagen Beetle parked just a down the street. I walked up to it and tried the key, it worked! Lacey liked pink a lot!

Well something had gone right, now I just had to find my new apartment and hopefully pick up some clothes that covered a bit more of this sex pot body I had to walk around in.

Thank god I didn't need to take the bus! I didn't like the thought of being ogled for hours as it drove around this city.

I slid into the driver's seat which again made me aware of the state of "near nudity" I was currently in as my bare legs and bottom met the hot seat. I reached over and opened the glove box and fished around for a map.

Bingo! That was two points for me, yay! I studied the map and thanks to some scribbled pen marks I found Park Lane. I also used a couple of street signs across the street to ascertain where I currently was on the map, which was Baker Court.

I instinctively looked down at the floor pedals as I started the car. My attention was drawn to this body again. I shifted slightly feeling the seat on my soft ass, the parted my legs a little taking note of my feminine crotch. The sensation was unsettling.

I gained focus again and started up the car and prepared to find Lacey's home. I wondered if I should start considering it my new home. What if no one believed my story? I'd be stuck as Lacey! Then again, I may be anyway.

I concentrated on driving until I came to a stop light. A shiver ran down my sexy spine as I thought of my current situation. I looked down to see my tank top which obviously held two pert breasts. Further down were my white stocking covered legs and tiny shorts that barely covered my cute ass.

I was a diminutive pink haired girl driving down the street in a pink VW beetle; it was still hard to take in. It was just then that I noticed a guy in a blue sports car that was beside me. He was looking over at me and had a big smile on his face, and then he winked just as the light changed.

I blushed and looked away, god this was weird!

The Gas Station

After about 20 minutes driving I finally accepted the fact that I had somehow gotten turned around. I pulled into a gas station parking lot and flipped the map around and tried to identify where I was, with no luck.

I finally took a deep breath, and taking my map with me, walked into the gas station to ask directions. Now men hate asking for directions, but it took one glance down at me and it was easy to confirm that I was no longer in the category of "man".

I walked into the gas station feeling a bit awkward. This would be the first time since I had swapped into this body that I would have to talk to another person. This being a gas station there was a high likelihood that person would be male.

"It won't be that bad, I mean half the population deals with being female every day," I mumbled to myself in my sweet voice. I felt my ass wiggle in my tight little shorts as I walked and I could see two scruffy middle aged men in overalls standing at the counter chatting.

I also saw them catch sight of me and whisper comments to each other just before I walked in. I had a good idea what the comments might have been.

I walked up to the two men and then realized just how small I had become. If these guys were average height then I must be five foot two or three! I felt very intimidated and still quite naked, but I needed to do this.

"Ummm could either of you help me find Park Lane?" I spoke in a nervous voice that, through no plan of my own, sounded disarmingly cute.

"Well sweetness, that's just a few blocks up and take a right on Wentworth," one of the men gestured as they both looked me over. They obviously liked the view I gave them.

I nervously smiled and said "OK, thanks!" I couldn't help but be reminded that these two probably had raging boners looking at me right now. It also reminded me that I was standing here with no cock at all, just a pussy, tits and a sexy little female body.

I walked out very self consciously and still felt their eyes on me. God I wish there was a way I could make my ass wiggle less as I walked in this body. I heard one of them whistle under his breath.

I got back into "my" car and drove away feeling a bit violated.

The Roommate

I pulled into the apartment complex at 201 Park Lane, the spaces were numbered luckily, I then proceeded to apartment 412.

As I came to the door I heard some type of industrial dance music playing rather loudly through the door. "I should have guessed I have a roommate," I muttered as I tried the door. It was open.

I walked in and the place definitely looked like a very girly apartment. There were frilly curtains and bright colors everywhere, along with some crazy Goth pictures mixed with frilly décor. This place definitely matched the body I was in.

Then a voice from the living room doorway startled me.

"Is that my little Lacey pooh home? You are early you naughty little kitty, I thought you were staying at Duncan's all day for a sex fest." I turned to see a very sexy, naked, Goth girl standing in the entryway.

"Uh hey... um... roomie!" I tried to recover from my shock, but did it badly. If I had a dick right now it would be very hard! Every move this girl made seemed seductive, even her voice just seemed to be begging for a fuck!

"I had to leave Duncan's early; I have some... emergency plans to make." I was thinking to myself that I needed to get back to Boston ASAP and try to fix my current predicament. Maybe the machine didn't fry the brain in my old body. Maybe I had a chance to be me again! I had to find out.

"Well I am reheating some Chinese my pinky doll, come have some with me." She turned and walked into the living room showing me her fine ass.

I looked down at my obviously dickless crotch, there was a little tingle happening and maybe a bit of wetness where I wanted to have a raging hard on.

I let out a sigh and followed my new roommate. "I am starving now that you mention it, let's eat!" With that I scampered into the living room (when did I start "scampering", damn this pussy!).

A New Drug

I sat down on the couch with my new roommate to eat some Chinese. She sat at the other end of the couch eating with her legs spread wide open. I could see her pussy which was, coincidentally, shaved just as bare as mine.

God I wanted to drive my cock into her, but that thought just seemed to make more butterflies in my tummy, and increased the damp feeling between my smooth legs.

I was in a very awkward situation here. I knew nothing about Lacey's life, not even her roommate's name. I tried to quickly think of some ways I could gather some information inconspicuously.

"Duncan was saying that you spelled your name with an M in it, is that true?" I slurped up some Chinese noodles, I was starving.

"Well yeah, there is an M in Dominique silly." She snickered and sexily sucked up some noodles of her own. "You are totally a bubblehead sometimes Lacey." She giggled a bit more. "What did you guys smoke before you left?"

"Oh, ummm... sorry." I giggled a very bubble headed giggle to cover up. "We smoked some pot just before I left, I guess we got a bit silly." I kept a big silly grin on my face for good measure as I continued to eat. Hopefully I had recovered from my verbal blunder.

"Awww sweetie I could just gobble you up," Dominique chuckled as she slurped more noodles. God that was erotic!

"I made your usual after meal treat for you." She smiled at me and handed me a small glass filled with water.

"Oh you shouldn't have! Water just for little me?" I made a joke of it and smiled as I drank it down. I felt like I was under cover.

"Yep, water and liquid X baby. I just had some myself and I'm starting to feel it." She put down her noodles and slowly slid two fingers down to tease her clit.

"Liquid ecstasy?" My eyes went wide and I had this feeling that the drug was creeping through my system. I watched Dominique keep rubbing herself and moan as she stretched out one of her perfect feet to touch me.

"Holy shit" I moaned softly as even that mere touch of hers jolted my system. I knew I would have no control of myself in a few minutes, but the remaining male part of my brain saw no problem with that at all!

Lesbian Love

I started feeling very hot at first, and the music in the next room seemed to try and take control of my body. I had a strange feeling of freedom and comfort as I pulled some of my pink hair down in front of my eyes.

"Mmmmmmm," I moaned and ran my hands down my new sexy body. "I'm a fucking woman, mmmmm." Though this statement must have seemed obvious to Dominique, she smile and crawled over to me.

"Maybe he was just trying to scare me?" I thought as I pulled the blanket from over my head. My eyes squinted as the sunlight streamed in the window at me.

"Oh god I feel so aliv...mmmmm," I was stopped mid sentence by her finger touching my clit. I was quickly getting lost in the new sensation that this body, and the drug, were giving me. It was like I was trapped in a temple of beautiful sexiness and I had a gorgeous worshipper waiting on me.

Dominique kept moaning and giggling as she pulled me up from the couch and stripped off my top. I was naked now except for my white stockings. I was lustfully drawn to her every touch. She took my hand and led me into the bedroom where we both plopped down beside each other.

"Want some more teasing Lacey sweetie?" Dominique purred as rolled over on me and slid down between my legs. My sexy body was like a million tiny electric shocks and I managed to moan a long drawn out yes.

I moaned even louder as I felt her tongue flick and tease my new clit. God how could women stand this!

I had completely lost control.

Surprise Visitor

I moaned and bit my bottom lip as Dom kept teasing me and making me wetter and wetter. I kept getting glimpses of her as I looked down between my legs, feeling her ministrations.

I saw my own smooth sexy body and had to touch it, to be sure it was real. My senses were lit like a Christmas tree as I felt myself. "God I'm a woman." I moaned again as Dom removed my stockings while still teasing me.

I felt my silky skin on the soft sheets and managed as deep a growl as I could in this body. It came out as a very cute growl that turned me on even more I rubbed my nipples.

My luscious little ass cheeks dug into the sheets and I felt my whole tiny body writhe in pleasure. It was almost too much to bear as Dom's teasing made my body convulse over and over again. I felt wave after wave of these tiny orgasms that started at pussy and made my whole body go wild!

Then she stopped, and crawled up my naked body. I could feel her breasts touching my bare skin. As her head reached mine she engaged me in a deep kiss that we broke to licks each others lips.

"My turn," she whispered and kissed me deeply again. She then rolled backwards onto her back and spread her legs wide open towards me. With the way my body was feeling it took me a few seconds to re-orientate myself, but I did not hesitate to do the job.

Within seconds I had crawled between her thighs and was licking her clit with my tongue. Now this I had done before! An ex girlfriend of mine had said that I was the best she'd ever had when it came to this, which seemed to be confirmed by Dominique's moaning and gripping of the headboard.

She moaned and squirmed slightly pushing her pussy onto my tongue begging for more attention. Then she closed her legs around my head and I was lost in licking her pussy, I couldn't hear a thing.

There I was licking her pussy with my cute ass in the air thinking, "God I wish I had my big fat cock right now, I'd shove it into her and finish her off with a bang!"

Ironically just as I thought that, I felt I large hand from behind grabbing my hip, and then I stopped licking and gasped/moaned as I felt something fill up my wet soft pussy. God it was HUGE and it was hard but soft warm at the same time.

Dom opened her legs and released my head as I realized what was happening. There was a huge cock rhythmically sliding in and out of my little pussy, causing more waves of pleasure.

My mouth hung open as I looked behind me to see a huge muscular man with long dark hair holding my hips and pulling my pussy onto his cock. "Mmmm yes that's my little Lacey, I love your sweet little pussy baby doll," he said in a deep growling voice.

I was being fucked by a man! I tried to pull away but he was much stronger than me, and the drug also made my resistance less adamant. I slowly gave in to the rhythmic pounding and even instinctively started pushing my pussy onto his cock so he would go deeper.

He was still fucking me as I saw, peripherally, Dominique crawl by me and stretch up to kiss the large man.

"Hello Duncan," she said as she finished her kiss.

At that point my memories of the sex fest seem to get blurry; the drug must have kicked into high gear. When I finally fell asleep it was between two bodies, a man and a woman, I felt very small and safe.

I drifted into a foggy dream.

The Next Morning

I woke up the next morning in bed alone.

The sex and the ecstasy had taken its toll on me; I felt completely drained and didn't want to even move. I groaned slightly and felt my smooth naked body on the sheets and I slid my legs touching my dainty feet to the cold floor.

As I sat at the edge of the bed flashes of last night came to me. You can imagine my feelings. I sat there staring down at my crotch, my legs open slightly so that I could see my pussy. My pussy! I had let a man fuck me!

My mind was in turmoil, not just because I was trapped in a cute female body, not just because I had let a man shove his cock in my newly acquired pussy, but also because I think I liked it!

"Ugh!" I groaned as I clasped my pink locks in my hands. "I am Dave Sumner, physics major at Boston University," I said whispering to myself. My voice was a tiny girl's voice, which didn't support my statement much.

I resolved myself to getting back to Boston; it was my one chance at getting my male life back, as slim as that chance may be. I needed to get back home, even if the mysterious man had cleaned out the lab and the professor was dead. I needed to get a grip on something familiar before I lost myself in this feminine gilded cage I had landed in.

I began looking though the dresser drawers to find some clothing. The first thing I found was the panty drawer. As I rifled through I quickly came to the realization that Lacey liked, you guessed it, a lot of lace!

It was a collection of tiny frilly underwear that could fill ten issues of Victoria Secret magazine. Nothing covered more than a few square inches.

I huffed slightly as I grabbed a pink sweater off of the dresser. Everything was pink, ugh! As I slipped it on I noticed myself in the full length mirror behind me. For a few moments I looked and let my situation sink in.

This soft sexy body, that cute little ass, was mine now. The pink hair, feminine face and almost childlike voice, was what I was stuck with.

I looked at the curve of my body feeling the sweater caress my breasts. Then I slightly stuck out my ass and looked at myself lustfully. I guess I couldn't blame that guy for wanting to fuck me while I had this ass, wow.

I picked a pair of tiny panties and proceeded to get dressed. Everything in this girl's closet was there to show off her sexy body, and I had little choice as I picked a skimpy outfit. My pink sweater, tiny panties, a bra, a small white skirt and thank god some sneakers and socks!


I walked into the living room and saw Dominique sitting on the couch reading a book on Wicca magic and licking a lollypop. She had on a black silk robe and I could see black lace panties underneath.

For some reason a memory came back to me just as she smiled, of her guiding Duncan's throbbing cock into my mouth. I remember thinking that it didn't matter anymore at that point, I had been fucked. I hoped it was the drug that made me think that way.

"Morning Lacey pooh bear," Dominique said as she sucked her lollypop and kept reading.

"Morning Dominique," I said in a tired tone. I sat down on the couch beside her and turned towards her.

"I need you to do me a favor, as a friend, it's important," I said in a nervous tone. I had no idea if she would help me or not. I gambled on the fact that she was close friends with Lacey outside of bed as well as within.

"A friend," she said licking her lollypop. "The problem is, you're not Lacey." The lollypop "popped" as it came out of her mouth and she looked directly into my eyes.

"Wha, what do you mean?" This took me aback obviously. Could she see who I was inside, did I say something last night?

"You have Lacey's body but you have a totally different aura." She went back to looking at her book. "Actually you have the aura of a guy," she stated flatly not looking away from the pages of her book.

I had no idea how to react to this. Part of me didn't want anyone knowing I was trapped in this body, and another part of me welcomed the thought of someone believing me. I decided to act on the latter feeling and try to explain it to Dominique, and then perhaps she would help me from pity.

"I'm not Lacey, you are right." I took a deep breath and prepared to explain my situation. "My name is David Sumner and I am physics major at Boston University, or I was anyway," I said looking down at myself.

"The senior professor I worked with invented a machine that could project thoughts over long distances and basically transfer one persons mind into another person's body," I fiddled with the sleeve of my sweater getting a bit nervous as she looked up from her book and turned her gaze towards me.

"I was detained by a man who I think was with some covert government agency (my best guess) that didn't want the professor releasing the machines capabilities to the public. He made me get into the machine, holding me at gunpoint, and attempted to scatter my brainwaves across the continent."

She put her book down and licked her lollypop showing no reaction.

"The machine malfunctioned and I ended up in your friend's body. Now I need to find a way home so I can maybe straighten this out and I need to borrow some money. Will you help me please?" My word quivered as I spoke the last part and I almost began to whimper. My voice did have a certain pitiful appeal in it now that it was so soft and feminine.

"So you are a guy, trapped in Lacey's body?" She pulled her knees closer to her as she popped the lollypop in her mouth again, still showing no expression.

"Yes," I replied, with a hint of desperation.

"Cool!" she said leaning forward showing a large smile. "This is the kinkiest thing I have ever heard!" She slid up to me on the couch. "So how did you like getting screwed big fella, hahaha!" She grabbed my hands and laughed.

"Ummm, it was...odd." Her reaction caught me off guard.

"I hate to say this but, chances are your friend Lacey was... well... overwritten, when I got transferred into her body." I waited for this to register with her.

"Yeah whatever, she just moved in here two weeks ago, I barely knew the airhead. Duncan liked her bod and so did I, so we took her in." She smiled and still seemed giddy.

"Oh," I said, a bit shocked that anyone would be so callous. "So would you mind helping me?" I questioned still a bit confused by this odd girl.

"Sure I'll help ya stud!" She poked my exposed midriff. "But it's gonna cost you." A huge grin came over her face.

I gulped and prayed for more lesbian sex. "Ok, whatever it takes, what do I need to do."

The Favor

I sat there as Dominique looked positively giddy sitting across from me. She pulled her lollypop out of her mouth with a very pronounced "pop" and held it out my lips. "Take it in your mouth," she said smiling.

I put it in my mouth and mumbled, "Is this the favor?" The lollypop tasted of vanilla.

"No I had another sucking related item in mind." Her grin was huge. "I can lend you enough money for your trip back home to Boston, but I think I owe all of womankind this one thing." She scooted closer to me as I sucked.

"Men always want their cocks sucked, and women have always hated it!" She grinned like the Cheshire cat. "I'll give you the money but, in about one hour when Duncan gets home, I want you to give him the best blowjob of his life!" She fell back laughing at me.

I was floored, it was one thing to do that while under the influence of some sex drug, but to do it stone sober, yikes! The lollypop hung in my mouth as I looked at the giggling Goth girl.

"I'm not sure if I can do that," I said in a sincere and pitiful tone. "I mean, I'm a guy in here!" I motioned down my body with my sucker in hand.

"Well you do it, and I get to watch, or I don't give you any money." She sat back and crossed her arms still grinning. "I think at least once a guy deserves to see what this is like." Her eyes looked slightly aflame.

I was cornered, I had no choice. This evil bitch had my (cute) little ass just where she wanted it. I was becoming so desperate and dreaded to think of other options such as hitch hiking, god imagine the risks in this body!

I had considered calling and asking Chuck for money, but he was habitually broke.

"Ok, I will do it," I blurted out feeling defeated. "But I want the money in my hands before I do anything." I tried to sound defiant with my meek voice, even though I had nothing to barter with.

"Deal." She grinned and shot across the couch to hug me. "I'm gonna like hanging with you Davey!" she squeezed my tiny frame and giggled.

Doing the Job

Out of all of the things I had been through since jumping into this body, what I faced now seemed the worst. I knew that my mind currently resided in this sexy female body, but the thought of me taking another mans cock in my mouth repulsed me.

As I sat on the couch alone I kept telling myself that I would just get it over with and then I could get home.

Just then Dominique came out of her room yelling, "Here it is!" and cackling as she did. She had a credit card in her hand which she dropped onto the coffee table in front of me. "Here is your money stud, ready to give your first blow job?" She grinned down at me.

I was beginning to get annoyed with her. Ever since she had confirmed that there was man stuck in this sexy body she kept calling me "stud" and "big fella" knowing the irony of those words would sting.

Her grin told me everything she was thinking. There I sat a big tough man, stuck inside a sexy little body. No more blow jobs for me, I'd be giving them now. No more standing to pee, or feeling that feeling of domination as I penetrated a woman. The table had been turned on me and Dominique found it hilarious.

As Dominique did a giddy little dance in front of me the front door opened. "Are my girls here? I brought some more X for us!" Duncan yelled as he came in and closed the door behind him.

"You're up slugger." Dom looked at me and said as Duncan walked in and sat in the big living room chair. She then went over by the chair and sat down beside him on the floor.

I slowly got up from the couch and walked over to Duncan. I knew that if I didn't initiate it then Dominique would, so I tried to keep some sense of control by commencing things.

I stopped in front of Duncan, as he looked up at me and smiled, and I kneeled down in front of him. "May I suck your cock master," I sighed. Those were the words Dominique told me I had to say, and they came out in my new sweet soprano voice like sugar candy.

Duncan smiled down at me as he undid his belt and unzipped his zipper. "Does my little pink kitty cat want some of this?" he grinned as he pulled out his cock. It wasn't fully erect but was quickly getting there.

"Yes I do," I said still in shock from my current position.

He slid his jeans down further and began rubbing his cock, which made it grow larger. This was particularly disconcerting since it was only a foot away from my face at the moment.

"Come get it baby," he said as he held it towards me.

It seemed huge as I wrapped my tiny hands around it. Every bit of male pride left me as I slowly leaned my head down and took the tip into my mouth. It tasted a bit salty, and was warm and throbbing as I took it a bit deeper.

I stroked his shaft and used my tongue to tease the sensitive part just as my ex girlfriend had done to mine. I could see Dominique looking on in glee as I made Duncan moan and squirm in the chair.

As he moaned I kept working it faster and faster, stroking it and making him feel maximum pleasure. His moans grew deeper and I felt his hands on my head.

I felt his cock throbbing in my mouth now and I knew what was "cumming" so to speak. Unfortunately as I tried to pull my mouth away he held my head in place. The throbbing increased until I finally felt a warm slightly thick salty liquid being squirted into my mouth.

I almost gagged but managed to swallow it down as he finally let my lips free from his cock.

I looked up at Duncan who was basking in the glow of my apparently wonderful blow job. I then looked over to Dominique who was on her back laughing at me yelling "Oh my god you swallowed!" holding her sides in pain from the giggles.

If you can name something more humiliating and degrading, I challenge you to write it down. I cannot imagine such a thing.

As I tried to swallow the salty taste in my mouth I thought, "Oh well, that's over, now I can get home."

Flight Plans

All the trials I had been through the past two days now came down to this, I was finally going to get back home and see if I could salvage my male life.

My brain told me that the chances of getting my old body back were slim, but I had to try. I also realized that even if I did get my male body back, I don't think I would ever see the world quite the same again.

I called the airport and used Dom's credit card to book a flight first thing the next morning. I then packed some of Lacey's clothes in a medium sized suitcase and made sure I had all of her identification. I may be stuck as her for quite some time so I wanted to make sure I had an identity.

Dominique hung around and watched me as I packed. She periodically took stabs at me verbally. For example, she made some stir fry for us to eat and when it was done yelled to me, "Soups on cocksucker!"

I didn't find it amusing.

Duncan kept pawing me. He was disappointed that I was leaving and very curious as to why I was going to Boston. Lacey had told him that her family was all from the northern part of California.

To get him off my back I reassured him that I would be back in two weeks. I'm sure he had his next blow job in mind as he forced a kiss on me.

I also fully realized just how much muscle I had lost in this little exchange. The suitcase I had filled was only medium in size and held as many of the frilly clothes from Lacey's repertoire as I could cram in it.

When I went to pick it up off of the bed it hardly budged. I tugged and grunted again and it only moved slightly, I was straining my thin little arm to pull if upright.

At that moment Duncan came in and said "Here let me get that." He plucked the case up off of the bed like it was filled with feathers. Another hard reality hit me; I had the strength of a small child.

I slumped, sitting on the edge of the bed taking in my current predicament. I had been stuck in this body for two days and lived experiences that no man could possibly imagine. I then thought of my next awkward task. I had held off on this until now, perhaps even trying to delay it.

It was time to suck it up, call Chuck and ask for help.

Calling Chuck

The phone rang over and over; I was starting to think that maybe Chuck had gone out for the evening.

Just as I was about to hang up I heard, "Yellow!" which was Chuck's standard phone greeting.

"Sorry it took me a few rings to answer, I was in the pisser." I heard him crack a beer in the background as he spoke.

"Chuck, I have something serious to explain to you. Please listen close and don't hang up," I said knowing that my current voice would confuse him.

"Ok babe," he said as I heard him gulp a beer. "Who is this, Mandy?" Mandy was Chuck's recent ex. Oh lord he always talked about her sexy little voice, now I had one just like it!

"It's not Mandy Chuck, it's me Dave. I know I sound different, but there was a problem at the lab." I tried to think of a way to convince him it was really me.

"Har har, very funny!" Chuck took another slurp of beer. "You sound kind of sexy Dave old buddy!" He laughed loudly at this comment and followed it with, "If this is some lame prank I'm hanging up now," snickering and continuing to drink his beer.

"NO! Don't hang up! It's me Dave I swear, and I need your help!" I sounded very helpless and desperate, one of the perks of this body I had come to realize.

I had called Chuck because, out of anyone I knew, Chuck had known me the longest and knew ALL of my secrets. If I had a chance of convincing anyone it was me trapped in this sexy female body, it was Chuck.

"Ok calm down cutie, no need to get upset. What's the problem?" Chuck sounded a bit more concerned now that he had heard my desperate female pleading voice.

"Look, remember I told you the professor's device was a mind transfer device?" I said trying to keep a calm tone.

"I remember Dave told me that, but you aren't Dave and I'm not falling for this. Is he there? Where has he been the past two days? Are you his new babe?" Chuck jumped to the obvious conclusions anyone would. I mean who would believe my brain got beamed across the country into a hotties body.

"Chuck this is me, and I'm stuck in a girl's body!" I blurted it out knowing it wouldn't help my case much.

"I'll prove it, ask me anything." This was my only hope of convincing Chuck. There were some things that only the two of us knew, and we would never share.

He began by asking me questions about where we grew up, what we had done as kids, who our first girlfriends were. After a few of these he seemed a bit taken aback by the swiftness and accuracy of my answers.

He then moved into adolescence and some minor illegal things we had done. He asked about all of our most embarrassing moments, and details of us hauling each other home drunk.

This went on for almost and hour and a half until finally the cumulative amount of information I knew about Dave Sumner and Chuck Wilson made Chuck draw his final conclusion.

"Holy shit Dave, is this you!?" he said in a shocked tone.

"Yes it's me!" I was very frustrated but finally was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

"Are you hot?" was his reply. Yep, that was the Chuck I grew up with.

A Nights rest

After another hour and a half of Chuck's shocked acceptance and continued questions he seemed fully convinced that the young female voice on the phone was in fact his old buddy Dave Sumner.

There was also a mandatory question period about my new body, how hot it was, and what "girlness" felt like. It was humiliating to the extreme.

We finally got around to discussing my arrival time and making arrangements for Chuck to pick me up at the airport. I didn't let myself picture the moment of arrival, preferring to skip Chuck's probable reaction to this body.

I finally hung up the phone with Chuck giving me, "See you tomorrow babe," as a signoff. I then crawled into Lacey's bed, which was thankfully empty since Duncan had left two hours into the call.

I lay there looking out the window. I pulled back the covers and exposed the sexy body I occupied to the moonlight. My hands ran down my smooth skin until they slipped into my tiny panties and found my little slit.

Maybe I had settled into this body, or maybe I just wanted the comfort of an orgasm to fall asleep. I pictured this body and all I had seen of it these past two days. I had to admit Lacey's body turned me on.

I pleasured my new sexy body for several minutes until I fell asleep.

Arrival in Boston

After getting up early and taking a very long flight I finally arrived at the airport in Boston. I had never been so glad to see home in my life!

People had treated me very nicely on the trip. A man even gave me his seat by the window, after checking out by body of course. This served to re-enforced the fact I had lived with for three days now, I was female.

I dragged my suitcase off of the conveyor and it plunked to the floor. "Fuck," I cursed under my breath and I tried to pull it up.

"Need a hand...Lacey?" a voice I recognized came from behind me. I turned to see Chuck there; he had an expression that still partially held some disbelief.

My instincts took over and I ran over and gave him a big hug. After everything the past three days it was a huge relief to see someone familiar.

He stayed rigid during my hug and I began to realize just how tiny I had become. Chuck and I had been close to the same size all of our lives, but he was a bit more athletic. Now, I was much shorter than him and I couldn't even get my toothpick sized arms around him.

As I felt Chuck's discomfort I quickly broke off the hug.

"Geez Dave, don't be such a gay boy," Chuck leaned down slightly and whispered to me, while looking me up and down.

I stood back a bit from him and held out my arms. "I don't think I can qualify as a gay boy at the moment Chuckles." I had called him that since one evening four years ago when he smoked too much pot.

Chuck whistled. "Damn you are pretty fucking hot!" he spat out as he ogled my entire body. I automatically blushed and felt very exposed all of the sudden.

"Let's just get the hell out of here." I sighed pulling my sweater closed slightly. "Can you get my bag for me?" I pointed towards the case.

Chuck picked it up just as easily as Duncan had done. "Sure," he said. This made me sigh as I looked downwards and saw my smooth feminine legs.

I followed behind Chuck to the parking lot and relished the smell of the Boston air. I was finally safe! Now hopefully I could get my body back, but in my heart I knew the chance was very slim.

Finally Home

The drive home was a bit awkward. Chuck asked me a few questions, mainly revolving around how it felt to be in this body. I couldn't explain it clearly so he eventually dropped it.

We finally pulled up to the apartment. Chuck grabbed my case from the back seat then he unlocked the front door and we walked inside.

Home at last! There was a huge sense of relief as the door shut behind me. I had been on a crazy journey but now I was back on familiar ground, finally!

"Are you hungry? I'm going to throw a frozen pizza in the oven," Chuck said politely, which was a bit out of character.

"Sure," I said as I looked around feeling so relieved to be there. "I'm just going to go in my room for a bit, yell when it's ready."

"Ok. I put your case on the bed," Chuck said as he made for the kitchen. He still seemed a bit uncomfortable with me.

"Thanks!" I yelled as I walked in my room and closed the door behind me.

I moved the case slightly and flopped down in my "definitely male" room. I had a poster of a bikini clad model on the door, some star maps up on the walls, and my collection of ball caps on the shelf above my head.

My clothes felt dingy so I decided to change. Did I think dingy? Was I turning girly?

I opened the case and pulled out a tiny pink thong, some very short shorts and a t-shirt that would obviously show my belly. "Ahh Lacey," I said aloud in my sexy voice, "we need to increase your wardrobe to include some more coverage."

I thought for a few seconds, since I was in my own home, I had almost forgotten my predicament. Then as I stripped off I again noticed myself in the large mirror by the bed.

I stared at my reflection again, caught like a doe in headlights. I thought to myself, "This is me now," as I turned my ass slightly to the mirror.

"I'm stuck inside here," I whispered aloud as I felt my breasts. A slight wave of panic was running through me. I think the desperation to get home and back to familiarity had given me some subconscious thought that everything would be back to normal once I was here in my own room again.

I looked in the mirror, pouted my lips slightly and whispered to the reflection. "Can I suck our cock master?"

I was jerked out of my daze by Chuck yelling, "Pizza will be ready in 10 minutes!"

Still a bit shocked I turned from the mirror and picked up the pink thong. As I pulled them over my smooth legs and finally my shaved pussy I thought to myself, "If this is permanent, I have some MAJOR adjusting to do!"

I continued getting dressed and prepared for an evening of rest, the first I had been able to have in three days.

An Evening with Chuck

After getting dressed I decided that I would put on one of my old shirts to cover myself a bit more. I didn't like the idea of feeling so naked in front of my best friend.

Unfortunately my plan had the reverse effect. The shirt was so large it covered my shorts so it looked like that was ALL I had on. I saw the look of shock on Chuck's face as I walked out.

"I have shorts on dork," I sighed as I pulled up the shirt slightly to reveal the tight shorts. I then walked over and grabbed a slice of pizza.

I noticed Chuck guzzling a can of beer as he flicked the channels with the remote.

"Don't I get one of those?" I asked pointing my pizza towards the beer cans.

"Oh, well yeah, help yourself!" he said passing me a can from beside him. "I wasn't sure if you'd want any, you know?" he said nervously.

"After the past few days I've had, I'm going to drink a bunch of these Chuck. Trust me I need them." I cracked the beer and took a large drink.

We spent the next few hours watching football and arguing plays and player stats. Chuck and I were always at odds with sports. I could tell it was odd for him to be sitting back watching and talking sports with "a chick" as he called me once by mistake after a few beers.

If he thought getting used to a chick sports fan was odd, I wish he could imagine how I felt being that "chick"!

After football the late night horror movie came on. It was some bad Godzilla rip off that made you laugh more than be afraid. We both chuckled and cracked jokes at the cheesy monster.

It may have been the jovial mood, or the beers, but Chuck finally blurted out a completely random comment that totally caught me off guard.

"So, you gonna let me see the goods Dave?" he said as he downed his eighth beer.

I had just finished my sixth and I looked at him as I put it down. "The goods?" I said quizzically.

"Yeah, you got that hot as hell body right at yer fingertips, aren't you gonna let yer oldest friend take a peek?" He cracked another beer and leaned back looking me up and down.

"Not likely Chuckles," I said opening a new beer. I should have felt more awkward, but this was Chuck and I expected it sooner or later.

"Well I guess you are a pussy now huh?" Chuck snickered knowing I hated being called that. And with my current predicament in mind, I hated it ten times worse. I was fuming and a bit drunk.

"Ok Chuck, you wanna see pussy, here's the pussy!" I stood up in between him and the glow of the television. I think the beer must have made me think this was a brave thing to do, something to get the better of Chuck. I know Chuck wasn't complaining!

I drunkenly pulled off my oversized shirt and my midriff t-shirt soon followed. Chuck took my tits by the glow of the television as I bent down and pulled my shorts and thong to my feet in one motion.

I stood there naked in front of Chuck and half stumbled as I kicked my shorts and thong across the room and under the couch.

"There, satisfied!" I said holding out my arms and showing very curvy sexy female body I now inhabited.

"Almost," he smirked as he sipped his beer. "Can you turn around?" His hand fell to his crotch and he adjusted himself.

"Ugh!" I cutely growled as I turned around a few times, almost falling due to my half inebriated state.

"Damn, you are smoking hot Dave." Chuck's eyes were wide and he had a very awestruck look on his face.

I walked over to the couch and leaned over Chuck grabbing the beer from his hand. "Never call me a pussy again." I gulped a drink of beer. I then staggered back and said, "I'm going to bed," and walked towards my room.

I knew Chuck's eyes followed me right to the point where I pulled my door shut.

Caught Playing

I woke up the next morning with a slight headache. I'd never gotten that drunk from six or seven beer before. It should have been obvious to me that this body wouldn't handle it nearly as easily.

"Oh lord, I had let Chuck see me naked, what was I thinking?" I moaned and put my hands to my head. Just after I spoke something registered, I had said "me".

I wasn't sure what to think of this, was I possibly coming to accept the fact that I was stuck in this body?

I looked down across the smooth naked body in front of me. "Yes, this is me now, and I am likely stuck here so I may as well accept it," I said aloud to myself. I don't think I was completely convinced, but I think I took a step at that moment.

I knew Chuck would be at work, so I got out of bed naked thinking of what I had just said as I made coffee.

"I may be stuck here for good," I said while putting sugar in my cup and waiting for the kettle to boil. "It's not so bad being a chick," I said in my soprano voice as I touched my breast and played with my nipple.

This sparked something in me, a very sexual part. I looked at the clock; Chuck would not be home for lunch for an hour. I unplugged the kettle and abandoned my coffee. Then I walked to the couch and lay down naked.

My hands slowly felt my silky skin, I roamed and caressed every part of myself and finally ended with my pinky finger in my pussy. I slowly slipped it in and played with my clit.

I'm not sure why, but I began to think of Duncan plunging his huge cock into my pussy. Perhaps Lacey's brain chemistry had made me gradually become more female sexually. Maybe it was just the feeling of being in this supple little body that made me imagine it.

I fingered myself harder and harder while thinking of sucking Duncan and being the submissive little girl. I pictured flaunting this body in front of Chuck, and thought of his cock hardening in his pants as he looked at my tits and ass.

I felt like I was caught in Lacey's cotton candy dream, being inundated with pleasure that no one could resist if they were here in this body. I became very wet at the thought of my own body, mine!

I was just climaxing when I heard, "Cough, ahem!" I stopped touching myself and curled up in a fetal position on the couch. Standing in the doorway to the living room was Chuck!

"Umm, I got off early so we could visit the lab and stuff," he said trying not to show what else he was thinking.

"Uh lab... yeah... I'll get dressed." I pulled a small cushion off of the couch and skittered to my room.

What was happening to me?

Visiting the Lab

I returned from my room as fully clothed as Lacey's wardrobe would allow. I tried to completely ignore the fact that Chuck had just caught me playing with this sexy body.

Who could blame me; it was like I was in a prison of soft pleasure and lust 24/7!

I sat down at the kitchen table beside Chuck but did not make eye contact. "So, I figure that this mystery guy who did this to me won't recognize either of us. We can go to the lab this afternoon and covertly scope out the place, maybe find out some information." I had a matter of fact tone.

Chuck fiddled with the salt and pepper shakers on the table. "Ok, sounds good," he said in a curt manner. It was obvious our previous encounter was still on his mind.

I stood up from the table and looked at Chuck. "So, shall we get on our way?" God I sounded perky, ugh!

Chuck stood up and smiled while looming over me. "Yeah, all ready, but can I ask a question?" Chuck had a quizzical look on his face.

"Sure, ask anything you like." I had a sense of dread.

"Did it kinda turn you on, getting caught by me I mean? I mean playing with yourself?" Chuck made eye contact as he said this.

My eye went slightly wide and I was a bit dumbfounded for a few seconds. After the pause I said, "Chuck, let's just say that this body... is having a HUGE effect on me. I feel like this soft sexy body is like some prison made for orgasmic torture. Every moment for the past few days I haven't been able to avoid the fact that I turn myself on, and everything else turns me on too!"

Chuck had a blank look on his face as I finished my statement and walked past him.

"Whewwww, Dave buddy, it sounds like you have some major issues there!" He followed directly behind me.

We walked out, got into Chuck's car, and drove to the lab in silence.

As we pulled into the lab parking lot I noticed my car was still right where I had left it. Of course there is no way I could prove it was my car, I was no longer Dave Sumner, who the car was registered to.

We got out of Chuck's car and walked towards the lab. It looked like there was construction going on; workers were walking around outside the building carrying scraps of metal in and out. Looking at the metal scraps I thought, "The device!" as a shiver ran down my spine.

We quickened our pace and went inside the building.

Playing it Cool

We meandered down the long hallway, avoiding the construction workers as we weaved towards the lab. I of course drew much attention from the workers. Head swiveled and low whistles were made. "Would I have to get used to this forever?" I thought to myself.

As we slipped into the lab I could see it was completely empty. I was agape staring at what was, just a few days ago, a highly advanced laboratory. It was now an almost empty shell with exposed wiring and scraps lying around the floor.

I heard Chuck speak to someone behind me. "Hey mister, can you tell us what is going on here?" he asked.

"There was an accident," the man said in reply. I KNEW that voice, and as I slowly turned around my fear was confirmed, it was the man in the black suit.

"What kind of accident?" Chuck said as I walked up beside him. I had a deep fear of this mystery man and hoped Chuck didn't tip him off to my current situation. God knows what would happen then!

"The professor was working on a very volatile device which malfunctioned and killed him and one of his assisting students," the man in the black suit said as he lit his cigarette. "Why are you so curious?" He looked up at Chuck with his cold eyes.

"My boyfriend was just showing me around campus, we were curious," I said grabbing Chuck's arm. I didn't want to risk Chuck saying anything stupid, like perhaps mentioning he knew Dave Sumner.

"Uh huh," the man said as he exhaled smoke.

"So umm, what happened to all the stuff that was like, in here?" I tried to sound like a harmless bubblehead, which was chillingly easy for me at the moment.

"Most of it was destroyed," the man lied as he kept smoking. "Now I suggest you move along or I'll have you arrested!" With that he threw down his cigarette and stamped it out.

Chuck and I heeded his advice and moved along.

Accepting the Futility

We spent about an hour asking a few of the workers if they knew where the equipment had gone, or any other details. Apparently a private crew had cleaned out the lab and then local workers were hired to finish the "repairs" after the accident.

The mystery man in the black suit seemed to have his bases covered, we couldn't find out anything else about the whereabouts of the device.

After trying everything we could think of, we found ourselves driving around the city aimlessly. As we came to a set of lights close to our apartment Chuck spoke, "Hey, maybe we could go to the police?" He was trying to give me some hope.

"No," I said with a deep sigh. "They would never buy the story." I pulled my legs up on the seat with me.

Chuck looked over at me obviously feeling deep pity for my situation. "How about we just go home for now?" he said making the turn towards our place.

"That'd be good," I said as I stared out the window. I guess this was it, I was stuck like this. I looked down at the sexy little toes jutting out from my sandals and wiggled them. "Sigh."

We got home and Chuck grabbed a beer from the fridge hit the couch in front of the television. It sounded like he was watching basketball.

I walked into my, grabbed my bathrobe and put in on the bed, then began to undress to take a shower.

Once naked I stood in front of the mirror again and looked at my body. My small hands felt my breasts and then roamed down my smooth body until they found my slit again. I slid a finger in slightly and imagined a man's cock inside me again. Yes, I accepted it; I fantasized about being fucked by a man again. In a way it was liberating.

Finally I stopped touching myself there and just sat on the bed trying to accept the situation. I was trying to deal with the fact that I was stuck this way forever.

A light knock came at my door. "Hey Dave, there's a football game on in about fifteen minutes if you wanna watch?" He spoke as if this would take my mind off of forced femininity.

I stood up and put on my now oversized bathrobe, then opened the door.

"My name is Lacey now," I said matter of factly. "I'll come watch the game with you after my shower." I walked past him looking forward to the relaxing water, and the new life I was about to accept.

Starting Again

Two months later I walked through the door of our apartment with two small bags of groceries and plunked them on the kitchen table.

"Hey Chuckles get out here it's your turn to cook!" I yelled knowing he'd be in his room napping.

I had landed a job at a local bar as a waitress. The money was actually better than being a lab assistant, especially when you worked in the tips!

I got my ass grabbed periodically, and they made us wear skimpy outfits, but hey I wasn't ashamed of this body anymore. I was a sexy young woman and had begun to take pride in that.

Chuck walked into the kitchen and gave me a massive hug from behind "Hey baby, is this a new skirt?" he said as he kisses my cheek and slipped a hand under my skirt and down my panties.

"Yes it is," I almost purred as I felt his large finger caress my pussy. "Do you like it?" my head leaned back slightly.

"You know I do," Chuck kissed my neck softly again and slipped his finger inside me deeper.

Yes this was me now. I was Lacey, Chuck's girlfriend. After another night of drinking too much beer we had landed in bed with one another. After a few days of not speaking it sunk in, I wanted Chuck inside me that night, and he was my closest friend.

I soon became comfortable with us having sex, and with being Lacey. After that everything seemed to just fall into place, I had accepted the changes in my life.

I felt Chuck slide my thong panties down my smooth legs as he kept fingering me, I was very wet.

I thought for a moment of my old self, Dave Sumner; he seemed like a foggy memory now. Then I looked up at Chuck with my panties around my knees and said. "May I suck your cock master?" in my cutest sexiest voice.

Karmic Balance

Martin Black lit a cigarette and walked down the long hallway to the newly outfitted secret laboratory.

Martin had spent many man hours "cleaning up" the site and making sure there were no persons left with knowledge of the device. He had spent ten years in the CIA and knew his job all to well, and his current employer was now going to give him proper thanks for his work he surmised.

He walked into the lab where the device was now housed. Doctor Hask, a very thin middle aged man greeted him as he entered.

"Welcome Martin, I'm glad you could make it!" he said putting down his clipboard.

"There weren't any other assignments on my plate so I came right over," he said inhaling his cigarette. The lab seemed to be fully operational; the lab geeks seemed to have put it all together perfectly in just a few days.

"Yes we wanted you free for today's work," the doctor said as he walked over to Martin. "Would you care to toast to our mutual success?" The doctor picked up two glasses of scotch that were on a small wheeled lab table and handed him one.

"Sure," Martin said unexcitedly as he grabbed the glass and took his smoke from his lips with his other hand.

"I must say, your disposal of the student was a stroke of genius. When they found his brain-dead body it suited the lab malfunction story perfectly, nice work." He held up his glass to Martin and they both drank.

"I've been trained to take advantage of situations like that when I can sir," Martin added finishing his drink in one gulp.

"Yes I know, it's unfortunate we'll have to let you go," the doctor said as he stepped back a bit from the black clad man.

Suddenly Martin felt very dizzy and fell to his knees knocking over the lab table and the bottle of scotch that was on it. They made a loud crash that echoed in the lab.

"You see we cannot have unnecessary personnel knowing about this device or our organization. I'm afraid like most of our outside operatives your employment was on a temporary basis." Martin saw the doctor say this as his vision began to blur.

"Bastard," he managed to blurt out just before he blacked out.


Martin Black slowly became conscious again, but he felt like he had been spun in circles one thousand times. He moaned as he slowly sat up, he had no idea where he was.

Something fell in front of his face, as he reached out and grabbed it he realized it was long brown hair and a red ribbon. Even more shocking was the fact that his hand was slender and feminine!

He tugged the hair slightly and it was attached! He held his hands in front of him for a moment and then looked down at his body. He was wearing a white shirt and could see his heaving breasts underneath, he also saw his very feminine legs clad in striped stockings and finally his pussy!

Martin's brain was reeling, he had no idea what had happened! Just at that moment a large naked and muscular man walked in the room and said, "Ok Kate I'm ready for the fun to begin!"

Martin pulled his shirt down over what was now HIS pussy to cover himself and for the first time in a very long time...


The End